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Google Brings Dark Theme Scheduling, Car Crash Detection & Much More

Google Brings Dark Theme

Early during this year, people were expecting the dark theme for Whatsapp. Understanding the mentality of the user, Since March Google brings dark theme and some other notable updates like Car Crash detection, pause/play with a gesture, and Duo AR Filters.

Google Brings Dark Theme Scheduling

The users are key people who prefer different sorts of a theme. Some will be fond of a bright theme because that brings a vibrant positive feel. Whereas others prefer a dark theme as they understand bright theme alone doesn’t bring peace of mind. The dark theme got more benefits to the users in terms of their health. Basically when we go deep behind the concept of having a dark theme is that the one who uses feels comfortable. Their eyes take less strain than vice versa.

In recent times no human stay away from their mobile even for a minute. In that kind of situation, this dark theme saves the mobile battery to a extend. Relating to that Google also said that the Dark theme can  “reduce power usage by a significant amount”. This dark theme will be now available in Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3A, and with improvement in portrait mode on Pixel 4.

The users can choose their choice of theme with just three easy steps:

  • Tap on to Settings of your device, where you find a theme option.
  • Underneath you can choose, dark or light, or default theme.

As part of the new update, the new Pixel phones can pause and play songs with a hand gesture. Isn’t it amazing that without touching the phone one can play/pause and change the songs? And also part of setting up the phone once after connecting to the office wifi the phone turns to silent mode. Or turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode when we step onto the front door of the house.

In case of a car crash, the phone can call emergency contact with the details of the location for further help. It is out in the UK and Australia and the responses are also good.

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