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How Does Google Earth Take Pictures? [Complete Info]

How Does Google Earth Take Pictures

Have you ever wondered, how does Google Earth take pictures? How does it capture the world and does it update periodically? Well, all these questions are valid and interesting as well. No doubt, its utility has no match. With it you can measure distance, look for pictures posted by people or you can easily get to the destination just with a tap. However, Google Earth is banned in some countries and some places like military areas or areas important for security purposes.

Let us understand a few things that wonder you about Google Earth.

What do you understand by Google Earth?

Google Earth-like other software programs is a computer program that provides a 3D representation of Earth and it is also known as Keyhole Earth Viewer that works on Satellite imagery.

Originally, the technology was developed by intrinsic graphics, a gaming company that sold it to Google in 2004. Hence, in 2005, Google Earth the composite map of the world became worldwide available.

Information On How does Google Earth take pictures?

The images collected are from satellite cameras and cameras on aircraft. Google Earth includes Satellite images, aerial, 3D, and Street View images. Such images are stored at different times and on different dates, which as a result combined into a mosaic of images.

You can explore the entire world, countries, states, and various cities via Google Earth just by entering coordinates and addresses, and to your knowledge, the images collected are not real-time images rather already stored based on address and coordinates.

The quality of images is highest in pixels and is taken from different angles. A billion pictures are then combined to create a clearer 3D view of all parts of the Earth.

How often does Goggle Earth take pictures?

Google Earth is assisted by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat Satellite. It uses its satellite pictures as high-quality details.

Landsat Satellite

Now, the question has some factors upon which the answer relies. The factors are; population and development.

According to Google Earth Blog, the more populated areas are updated more often. Areas which are technically advance or have metros are significant from the updating point. Such areas can be updated weekly or monthly basis. For example, New York, Los Angeles, and New Delhi.

Whereas the areas which are seeing new development in terms of housing or multiple apartments are also updates quickly. It is because such areas will have new addresses and so new coordinates will be formed. In contrast, the inferior or smaller areas like modification of a park or a pool are not that significant from Google’s view of updation.

Thereby, it is quite understandable that areas that have some significance or are based on factors like population and development get a updation more often than others do.

How does Google Earth take pictures at street level?

The street Level view was introduced in 2007 featured in Google Maps and Google Earth. The pictures used in street view are 30-degree panoramic style. These pictures are collected from the camera mounted on automobiles.

You can explore street view pictures from UNESCO world heritage sites, natural wonders, world landmarks, and other popular cities. You can even take a glimpse of places like museums, arenas, businesses, and restaurants.

To explore Street view on Google Maps:

  • Search for the place in the search bar.
Type Place In The Search Bar
  • Drop a pin and then tap on the place marker.
Select This Icon And Drop On Map

Now, that you have pinned the location, you can move your figure around and explore surroundings, can use the compass for direction, or swipe left-right or up-down. For a better view, you can zoom in or zoom out and can enjoy landscape mode.

You can also share the street view image by choosing the option ‘Share’.

How can you tell when a Google Earth picture was taken?

To know the date and location of an image captured, you need to launch the Google Earth application on a desktop or go to ‘’. Search for the location in the search bar and zoom in on the image.

Over the image at its bottom, you will see the date and location mentioned. Along with this, you may find multiple pictures (if captured) on ‘Historical imagery’.

Date On The Bottom

Hence, you can get details of the date, location, and the owner who posted the image inside the image itself.

How often does Google Earth Take a picture of my house?

Google Earth is assisted by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat Satellite. It uses its satellite pictures as high-quality details.

Can I use Google Earth without downloading it?

Yes, you can use Google Earth without downloading it.

How do I save a Google map offline?

To save Google Map, open the Google Maps application, then tap on the Profile icon on the top right corner of the screen, now tap on Offline Maps, select an area, and tap Save.

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