How Does Threads Algorithm Work? [Explained]

How Does Threads Algorithm Work

The app from Meta was launched a few days ago but still managed to touch the double-digit millions. Even though the developers and the company don’t want to believe that the Thread app is the new Twitter, we all know that it is true. Threads is an application made by the same guys who made Instagram, for people to share their thoughts in public. Let’s learn how actually the Thread manages its post and what algorithm you should eye.

With an enormous amount of people jumping into the app, we can all agree this app has broken some records. People are happy with the features but there is this one thing that is making no sense to users. And that is the random posts they are shown by the app.

Understanding How Threads Algorithm Work

Just like any other social media app here, you get posts from the creators you follow while some from the new creators who you don’t know. The head of Insta, Adam Mosseri addressed this query on Threads itself. He said that the app doesn’t rely on following or ranking. Instead, it tries to show you random posts from random accounts. Accordion to the dev, it is a necessary step to be followed for the app to understand the algorithm.

Just like Instagram, the app lets you control the hidden words. These hidden words can be used to avoid certain words from the replies you get. Also, to block, unfollow, report, or restrict an account on Thread you can just click on the three-dot button. Because Instagram and Threads are linked whoever you block on Insta is automatically blocked on Threads.

Even though the app is new, there are many things that people wanted especially after losing Twitter miserably. But we can’t ignore the fact that there are many things that the Threads app needs to get right. The most common request from the users is the “For You” type of feed section where you only see the post posted by your following. The head of Insta, Mosseri, and Zuckerberg have responded positively to this query so we all can hope for the best in the future.

If you are new to the app or about to open an account then understanding the algorithm always helps, especially for content creators to stay on top of the competition. With that being said, hope you understand how Threads algorithm works.

By Vishal Negal

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