How To Increase Flipkart Pay Later Limit? [Easy Guide]

How To Increase Flipkart Pay Later Limit

Flipkart Pay later is a feature provided to their consumers, which opens a credit line with the help of their consumers. They can do instant shopping and recharge their essential utilities and make the payment after one month.

How To Increase Flipkart Pay Later Limit?

Initially, Flipkart pay later gives you a credit limit of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000 per month for your shopping and see your track record, and they gradually increase Flipkart pay later limit.

With the help of this feature, the customer does not have to worry about cash on delivery payment, or if there is any cancellation of an order.

How to activate Flipkart pay later?

Flipkart pay later feature will be activated in your account only if you are regularly shopping on the online store. If you are occasionally doing shopping on the Flipkart, the feature will not be activated on your account. And the point to increase Flipkart pay later limit does not arise.

The important aspect of this feature is that you do not have to go through the entire payment cycle for each transaction; with the help of this feature, you can immediately make payment with one click.

You can use the item, verify the quality of an item, and make the payment after one month of the shopping. If you want to return the product for any reason, or you have canceled the order, the amount will be automatically adjusted against your credit limit. You will be free from the hassle of tracking the return of money if you have canceled the order or asked for a refund, which you would have faced when paid through your bank account or credit cards.

You can utilize this feature and can increase Flipkart pay later limit so that you can have worry-free shopping experience on Flipkart.

Can I recharge with Flipkart pay later?

Yes, you can pay bills and recharge through Flipkart pay later.

What will happen if I do not pay my Flipkart pay later?

If the person doesn’t pay, their Flipkart account will be deactivated and get a penalty for not paying.

Is it safe to pay online on Flipkart?

Yes, paying online on Flipkart is safe as it’s one of the trusted sites when it comes to online transactions.