What Are Instagram Reels? How To Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels

A short video feature Reels has been launched by Instagram in India recently. Similar to TikTok, it lets its users add creative filters, create videos on the app, add music and share it to a larger audience, as informed by the VP of Facebook, Vishal Shah. Just like Tiktok, the users can create videos for upto 15 seconds with popular trends, songs, and challenges.

It comes at a great time, as there was a recent ban on Tiktok in the country. It isn’t a separate app like the former but is integrated within the Instagram app.

He also confirmed that the Reels came into existence from the fact that 45 percent of videos; that feature on Instagram are 15 seconds and less. This new feature seems quite interesting, as it lets the users add music and filters from Instagram’s catalog, and share it with a larger audience. The Reels would be shared by the users in the Explore section as well as on their feed with their own followers. But there won’t be any monetization aspects as of now.

Reels feature of Instagram

India is the fourth country where Reels is being tested, after Brazil, Germany, and France. Especially for Reels, Instagram has collaborated with some prominent music labels and provides an array of songs to the users for them to create interesting and attractive content to be shared with everyone.

Just like Boomerang and many others, Reels is available in the camera section of the app. To begin with, users need to open the Instagram camera and then select Reels to begin creating their 15-second video. As mentioned, like Tiktok; one can explore the various options from the Instagram music library for audio, effects, speed, and timer.

Once the users have recorded a Reel, they can choose the kind of audience that they wish to share the Reel with. They are different from Instagram stories in the aspect that these can be shared in the Explore section and can be viewed by anyone and everyone on this platform.

Also capable of providing AR effects and add a creative and unique touch, Reels offer a great avenue for people to explore their talent. For adding the AR effects, users should open Reels camera, go on effects and then select AR Effects.

One can also record multiple Reels as once and add different effects to each of these videos. Reels can be deleted, re-recorded, and reviewed if required. Just like Tiktok, they come to the “Use Audio” option which helps users to use their original audio for creating Reels.

How to use Instagram Reels?

Using Instagram Reels is quite easy.

  • First, go to the Instagram camera.
Instagram Camera
  • And now tap on Reels (present at the bottom of your screen).
Instagram Reels
  • Then go to the Audio option and search for the desired song from the music library.
Instagram Reels Audio
  • You can even use your original audio by simply recording it while making the Reel, just like Tiktok.
  • Then you also have the benefit of adding AR Effect to add a unique twist to your Reel and stand out. One can also set a timer to record handsfree videos, making the process easy.
Instagram Reels - Set Timer
  • You also have the option to speed up or slow down different parts of the audio or video.

Many Tiktok users would have had a sigh of relief after this feature was launched. Instagram plans to test it out in the country before rolling out the full update. Based on the response of its viewers, the app plans to proceed further. It will be interesting to see whether this feature gets as much love and attention as its Chinese cousin, Tiktok. We are still getting the hand of it. Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments below.

What are reels on Instagram?

It is a new way to create short videos in which you can use background music.

How do you download Instagram reels?

To download Instagram reels, go to App Store and download InSaver for Instagram, then open the application and tap on Open Instagram, now tap on Three dots on the right bottom corner and Copy link, after that open InSaver for Instagram and paste it, then tap on the Video thumbnail and download it from the top-right Icon of the screen.

Who owns Instagram?

Instagram is now owned by Facebook.

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