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Why Instagram Reels Not Showing After Update? [Explained]

Instagram Reels Not Showing After Update

Instagram reels are gaining lots of popularity. But in recent times users are complaining that Instagram reels not showing after update. Instagram reels were introduced after the ban on Tiktok in India. This move turned out to be a massive success the moment Instagram made reels available for all its users.

Instagram reels are allowing people to create some entertaining and funny videos for 15-30 seconds. In this video clip, you can add suitable music and audio clips. In the latest update of Instagram, users can watch reel videos with improved quality and increased duration. Many users updated the app and to their surprise, they were no longer able to enjoy the reels. Here’s why:

Reasons Instagram Reels Not Showing After Update

After updating Instagram many users complained that they were not able to watch the reels. If you are using the recent or updated version of Instagram and still you are not able to see the reels, don’t worry this is not an Instagram bug neither your cell phone is outdated. It all because of its Beta version. To resolve this, uninstall the app and ask your friend to share the app (make sure your friend can see the reels on his app).

Sometimes, if you are using Instagram for a long time, the software will gradually accumulate the cache, affecting the functioning of the app. So, go to the phone’s settings and clear the cache of Instagram.

Final Words

Follow the steps that we mentioned and your problem related to Instagram reels not showing after update will be solved. If you have any other problems related to reels let us know in the comments.

How do you make a reel go viral?

To make a reel go viral, make sure your content is impressive and don’t forget to use hashtags.

Do hashtags work on reels?

Yes, you can use hashtags and it can boost the reach of the video.

How do you post a reel longer than 30 seconds?

There is no such option to upload a reel longer than 30 seconds. The maximum limit of a reel is 30 seconds.

By Vishal

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