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Integrately Review (2021) – The Biggest Zapier Competitor?

Intergretly Review

Automation is no longer a fad, it is now essential for business success. However, automation can be an issue for most businesses that use multiple software suites and products. This is why integration software such as Integrately, is necessary to connect different systems so that there is a seamless transfer of tasks, data, and files, based on pre-defined rules. Effective integration of various applications can lead to smooth workflow automation.

Today, established players such as Zapier and Zoho Flow dominate the integration software market. But many of these software products are burdened with complicated user interfaces; poor customer support, and pricing plans that don’t offer any value-for-money.

Fortunately, Integrately overcomes many of these deficiencies with its sleek integration platform. With 1-click integrations, Integrately makes it easy to integrate different applications, even for users who have limited coding knowledge. In this article, we will review Integrately’s features, pricing plans, pros, and cons.

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Integrately Features

Integrately comes with 250000+ readily mapped full integrations for 350+ apps. Integrations can be set up in just a few clicks. Here is a quick overview:

Once logged in, the dashboard is presented with a simplified view that gives users the options to search for apps that they wish to integrate.

Open Integrately Dashboard

In this example, we have chosen to integrate CompanyHub with Mailchimp.

Integrate CompanyHub With Mailchimp

Once the appsare selected, the dashboard will suggest a pre-defined list of readily mapped integrations that are available on the platform.  If one of the pre-mapped options is selected, the user will be redirected to the accounts page.

Fill The Necessary Fields

On the accounts page, one needs to fill in the necessary fields required to complete the integration.

Click On Test And Go Live

Once all the fields are filled up, the ‘Test and Go Live’ button enables users to see if their integration has actually worked.

If your integration requires a webhook, Integrately also gives detailed instructions to its users on how to set it up. For users looking to perform complex integrations, Integrately also has features to add advanced webhook requests, such as requests for outgoing webhooks.

Click On Test Connection

More than 2 apps or software products can also be integrated into the platform. If ready mappings are not available for certain integrations, then customized automation can also be created on the platform. Integrately also has many tools to modify input data as per client requirements. Automation can also be performed within an app using the ‘Add Condition’ feature.

Some of the most popular apps that are being integrated regularly by users on the Integratelyplatform are Google Sheets, Calendly, CompanyHub and MailChimp. Users can also request for apps to be added to the platform through the ‘Request Integrations’ submission form. Update times for integrations vary from 2-15 minutes.


One of the advantages of using Integrately is that most conditions and filters can be added without complex coding. Simple logical functions are embedded into the platform, so users do not have to use fancy coding jargon for most of their integrations. User-friendliness is at the core of the Integrately platform.

However, certain tasks do require coding knowledge, and this is where Integrately’s support team shines.

Every paid plan comes with premium support; so if your integrations are not being executed properly and you need technical expertise for complex coding tasks, the support team promptly provides the necessary solutions.

Integrately’s pricing plans are some of the most competitive plans in the integration software space. Considering the number of tasks that can be performed per plan; and comparing them to competitors such as Zapier, one can say that Integrately offers true value for money.


One of the major cons of Integrately is the shortage of apps on the platform. Integrately currently offers only 350-400 apps on its platform for integrations, and a very limited number of apps come with sufficient ready-mappings.

That being said, the platform is adding new apps every week, and as Integrately’s customer base grows, new offerings will also be added.

Also, this may not particularly be a weak point, but the addition of a mobile app should be considered by the team. This would be appealing for people working in remote teams.


  • Free plan available, includes 200 tasks and 5 automations (Zapier Pricing – 100 tasks)
  • Starter plan – $15 per month, includes 14,000 tasks and 20 automations (Zapier pricing – 750 tasks in $24.99)
  • Professional plan – $29 per month, includes 40,000 tasks and unlimited automations (Zapier pricing – 2,000 tasks in $61.25)
  • Growth plan – $99 per month, includes 150,000 tasks and unlimited automations (Zapier pricing – 5,000 tasks in $111.25)
  • Business plan – $250 per month, includes 700,000 tasks and unlimited automations (Zapier pricing – 50,000 tasks in $373.75)


To conclude, Integratelyis packed with numerous ready-mapped automations and integrations for more than 350+ top CRM, marketing, management, and survey apps.

The user-friendly interface and value-for-money pricing plans make Integrately a worthy alternative to Zapier and many other integration software products on the market today. Highly recommended!

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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