Intel Xe GPUs For Gamers Said To Arrive In The Year 2021

Intel Xe GPUs For Gamers Image

Intel announced their first gaming-specific graphic card. Whereas Generally, the Intel doesn’t give full flexed details about their launch including the product specification and branding. At the most awaited Architecture day 2020, the Chief Architect Raja Koduri and team shared minimum details of Xe GPU; which poke the interest of the people to the different levels.

Intel Xe GPUs For Gamers

It is one such thing where everyone got super excited to know about Intel Xe GPUs for Gamers, the real new architecture. The name of the product clearly says the value of the performance. To make it to point, The abbreviation Xe represents the high-end performance.

Down to the track after Intel Xe GPUs for Gamers, the Intel has announced about the Tiger Lake processor which will be out by this 2nd September 2020. The American chipmaker also restarted their GPU hardware vision and ready to ship Xe GPU later this year. Officially and from the leaks and rumors relating to Xe; we can link that Xe in connected to Intel’s tiger Lake CPUs for laptops. It supports 96 execution units, compared to 60 on Ice Lake processor it will be 50% improvised. The chipmakers didn’t say much about the specs but said: “expects to ship this microarchitecture in 2021”.

It sounds like this is Intel’s enthusiastic graphic cards which are competing with Nvidia RTX Super GPUs and AMD Radeon 5700XT. To add on spice, they are coming with a graphic chipcard later this year to boost up the competition in terms of power consumption, thermals, and the other performance.

Everyone at this pandemic situation is submerged in the world of Battlefield V and PUBG at 1080 graphics; which also supports up to 8k UHD display with 360 Hz. So, Intel Xe GPUs for gamers will give a positive high. Among the chipmakers, Xe-LP and Ce-HPG are the only hardware and they are now working beyond the built-in and the external GPU for laptops and PC Respectively. Xe- HP is said to be the multi-tiled, high scaled, and high performance for GPU architect. This particular product grasps everyone’s attention as the features are quite fascinating.

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