iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity: Here’s How You Can Use It

iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity

The latest Apple event gave us all a look at iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity and how it is useful. Fans didn’t expect that Apple will come with common upgrades such as a faster processor and camera that works better in low light. The feature that caught everybody’s eye was the Satellite Connectivity feature. Keep reading to know more.

Just to be clear, all the new iPhones from iPhone 14 series will have this feature. This is the first time Apple had this feature in their product. Now, a thing to remember here is that the iPhone doesn’t seem to fix your regular cellular activities with this feature. Instead, they are promoting this technology for emergencies only. This means you cannot share your cute dog videos through the satellite connection.

How Will You Use iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity?

Satellites travel through the atmosphere constantly and are at a very high altitude. What this means is that before you start to send an emergency signal you will have to first find a connection between the phone and the satellite.

The iPhone itself will help you to find this connection by making you point the phone in a certain direction.
Apple stated this feature will only work if you’re outdoors and the sky is clear. When you find the connection, you can start to send out an emergency signal even if your sim does not have any signal.

This connectivity feature can send your live location to anyone you want by using the Find My Device application. By the time your phone establishes a signal with the nearest satellite, the iPhone will send you a series of questions.

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity questions could be,

  • What is your emergency?
  • Who requires Help?
  • Is someone Injured?

This information will later be forwarded to relay stations which can help you once you get the connection going. The algorithm used by Apple compresses the text message making it easier and faster to send the message via satellite.

Crash Detection Feature That Works With iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity

If you remember, the last few generations of iPhones had a feature called Crash Detection that would automatically send out an emergency message when it detects that you have fallen or have been in an automobile accident. The sensor inside the iPhone captures your movement and now when a user gets into a car accident, the iPhone will send an SOS message by using the iPhone 14 satellite connectivity feature.

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