Vivo’s IQOO Smartphone With Flash Charging Is About To Release

Vivo's IQOO Smartphone

Currently, China products like OnePlus, Realme sub-brand of Oppo, Oppo, and Vivo roam all around the market. The Global giant BBK Electronics announces IQOO as its newest member on the list. The IQOO smartphone which is independent is said to be the sub-brand of Vivo.

According to Gagan Arora, the marketing lead of IQOO says, “In a study, We found that consumers are looking for the latest innovation and technology in premium space”. And also stated in an interview with “We think that we can fill these gaps with IQOO, where a clear focus is on experience and performance”.

IQOO Smartphone Specifications

To keep the word the IQOO flagship smartphones come out with fast charging technology which is the world’s first fast-charging smartphones. In August, the fast charging technology hits the market and the consumers can enjoy the benefits. While Oppo and Realme are working with 125W and 120W charging, IQOO smartphones come with ultra fasting technology with 120W. To our amusement, one can charge a 4000 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. And another factor is that 0-50% is charged within 5 minutes.

Even when the IQOO offers 33W, 44W, and 55W chargers. Now it comes out with 120W ultra-fast charging technology. Let us know more about the working of the fast charging technology. There is a split in the power supply into two parts i.e, 120W into two parts that are 60W each. This converts and combined the power to 120W. As an add on, we got VC Liquid cooling technology in this IQOO smartphone which prevents the gadget from excess heating.

In the fast running world, each person expects everything should be done at the earliest. Likewise, one can enjoy their super-fast life with the IQOO smartphone fast charging.

The company also claimed that the 120W charger will also support Intelligent Temperature Control to reduce heating.