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Is Threads App Safe to Use?

Is Threads App Safe to Use

Is Threads app safe? Let’s find out. With its new release, everyone is turning their heads toward the new Threads app created by Meta. And to keep everything linked, the devs have decided to tie the Threads and Instagram app. And because of this people with an Instagram account can create their new Threads account in minutes. By this time it is no secret that the app is derived from the Twitter app which focused on news and current events. Even though it’s doing excellent there are plenty of controversies flying around.

Is Our Data of Privacy Safe in Threads App?

When it comes to this you will need to analyze exactly how much information you share with your phone. Mostly, social media apps don’t like to disclose the exact analytics about this but it is safe to say that they collect some amount of data from us.

Apple did try to fix this problem in the year 2020. They made it mandatory for the apps to show how much privacy they are providing in the App Store. This did help the users to know which app collects more data and which doesn’t.

Data linked to you on Meta’s app

  • Contact Information
  • Health & Fitness
  • Financial Information
  • Usage Data
  • Used Content
  • Browsing History
  • Location
  • Diagnostics
  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Contacts
  • Search History
  • Sensitive Information

But let’s make this a bit fair. We can’t just start jumping on Threads after reading this list. Many apps including Twitter have a similar list of linked data. Usually, Meta apps ask for your fitness and health too.

The US has lost privacy laws as compared to some other countries. For example, Europe is restricting the use of this app in their country for the loss of privacy. Usually, Europe media law suggests the company use a gatekeeper third-party company but Meta doesn’t allow user data to be flown around anywhere.

Because Threads and Instagram come under Meta their data privacy is similar and thus Threads is banned in the Europe region. But it is still available in the UK. The app is trying as hard as it can to ensure your privacy but for some people, or countries it is not enough.

Is Threads App Safe While Using the Application? – Are There Any Security Threats?

Even though we focus more on the data, thinking about security is necessary. But unfortunately, there is not anything published on the same.

Also, if you remember that Meta has a history of losing user data on the internet. Many Facebook and Insta users went through this problem. And knowing the Threads application is linked with Instagram, hacking one of them will literally mean “hack one – get one free.” So, is the Threads app safe? It is on you to decide!

By Vishal

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