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How To Kill Wither In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Kill Wither In Minecraft

In this article, we are going to provide you the steps on how to kill Wither in Minecraft. One of Minecraft’s two bosses, along with the ender dragon, is the Wither. The Wither is now the most difficult mob to defeat. Additionally, it is the only means to acquire Nether Stars, which are required for creating beacons. It takes a lot of planning to overthrow the Wither.

Steps To Kill Wither In Minecraft

Below are the steps, follow each step to kill Wither in Minecraft.

1. Develop Diamond Armor

Because The Wither is a powerful boss, you should arm yourself with the best armor possible. Make complete diamond armor.

2. Make weapons using diamonds

Using a diamond sword and a bow is advised because the Wither can withstand great quantities of damage.

3. Make your armor and weapons magical

Diamonds may also be used to make armor, weapons, and books of magic using an enchantment table. After that, enchant your weapons and armor with an anvil. Your weapons and armor will have more benefits as a result.

4. Get potions to kill wither in Minecraft

Additionally, it would help if you had some potions on hand for your battle with the Wither. Make some remedies for healing and regeneration. You can use a strength II potion and a sword to do greater harm.

5. Discover a bunch of obsidian

One of the hardest blocks in Minecraft is obsidian. It is produced when lava and water interact. Obsidian may be created on your own. To kill wither in Minecraft, you require a diamond pickaxe.

6. Select a place for combat

The Wither can be spawned in the Overworld, Nether, or End. The Overworld’s subterranean regions are the ideal places to battle the Wither. It is a private area that is not near any structures. Locate a nearby underground space to your base.

7. Place the Soul Sand pieces in a “T” formation

First, place the soul sand pieces in a “T” formation. On top of the building, stack the three withered skeleton skulls on the three soul sand pieces to kill wither in Minecraft.

Place The Wither Skeleton Skulls

8. Use arrows/swords to attack

As you battle the Wither, leap if you can. You will be able to perform critical hits, which do far more damage, as a result. When necessary, hide in your base or a deep tunnel. Then dash outside and arrow the Wither a couple of times. The armor effect stage will begin when the Wither is around half-healthy to kill wither in Minecraft. It will charge you at this point. With a diamond sword, attack it.

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