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Laser X Review – Is the Long Range Blaster Good In 2022?

Laser X Review

Well in recent memory, one of the most popular Laser X Long Range Blaster is one of the most popular laser tag guns. The most common place to find them is American Walmarts and other international superstores. Well, now the question is on the use and the efficiency of the Laser X in comparison to other Laser tag sets. Let’s do a quick Laser X review by getting deeper into this Laser X review article.

Laser X Review – What is it all about?

In many target stores or even at the local Walmart, Laser X guns can be found commonly. Many times on TV, Laser X guns are also reviewed. Well, this blog is to help you, is Laser X guns worth it or it’s just a marketing trick.

Top Features of Laser X

Well, every product differentiates itself from the other product with the best and distinctive features it possesses. The same is with the Laser X Long Range Blaster features that separate it from other laser Tag guns. Well, the difference is only in features that certain brands attract you more.

Laser X

In comparison to the design of the Fusion Blasters or any other Laser X Blasters; the Long Range Blaster design differs totally. It consists of standard AAA batteries commonly used in the laser gun.

Being straightforward to use, at the bottom of the gun you can find the reload feature. Also, the best part is it is too easy to be operated by young kids. Firing from the gun is also a piece of cake as the trigger is attached to the handle of the gun. One reloading gives you the advantage of 25 shots before reloading it again. As we know the majority of laser tag guns have a single fire but another cool thing about this laser tag gun is that you can use this on automatic fire.

For unloading your full clip you will probably need around 10 seconds and it fires at a pretty steady rate. One of the best things to note about this gun is that on the top of the gun there is an illuminated firing. Aiming is not only easier with this illuminated firing but honestly; it is accurate over long distances and is more of a fun aspect than anything. Well if you are looking for the best features from a Laser tag gun, the Laser X is pretty good to go for.

Benefits and Shortcomings of Laser X Gun

Well, everything around us has both the positive as well as the negative side hence same applies to the Laser X Gun as well. Here is the list of its benefits along with the list of its shortcomings.


  • Longest range  Usually a range of around 100 feet is offered by the majority of laser tag sets and aren’t particularly long-range. But the Laser X gun has a range of almost 400 feet.
  • Properly made  You do not need to worry about the breaking of the Long-range blaster as it is extremely well made. But when we talk about the cheaper laser tag sets; they face this problem of breaking even on the way to getting them home.
  • Compatible with other Laser X products – Many households own laser X Products. Also, other Laser X guns can be easily used with the Long Range Blaster as it may also be advantageous to you if you playing against fusion guns.


  • Little Expensive – No doubt individually they have a pretty decent price and seem cheap but if you want to get 4 of these guns their cost will add drastically and may seem a little expensive.
  • More Battery Consumption – Laser X uses a little more battery power than other sets available as most laser tag sets eat a lot of batteries. Hence to avoid spending a fortune on batteries be prepared to use a rechargeable battery set with your laser tag sets.
  • No Volume Turn Off – You can’t turn off the sound of every other Laser X Gun. Especially if the kids want to keep playing late; it can be a little annoying.

Laser X Products – Vast Product Range

Well, it’s not the laser X guns that have gained them such a good reputation but Laser X itself is a big renowned brand. Laser X Tower is an awesome laser tag extra that a lot of kids enjoy playing with, and is another popular product by Laser X.

The kids get the opportunity to play on their own which is a good thing to note about the Laser Tower. The only problem with playing laser tag is that you need 2 or more players to play with it. And, when you don’t want to play with your children; getting extras like the Laser X Tower, enables children to do something.

Including capturing the flag, there are 8 different game types that can undoubtedly make playing laser tag more fun. Without purchasing something specifically, there are other ways as well to play capture the flag.

Being similar to the long-range blasters; there is also the Laser X Fusion Kit but they are not long-range. You can use them together if you wanted to play with a larger group of people; as they work in the replicate way.

Wrapping up

Hence, if you want to get a perfect laser tag set that you can use with your family; the Laser X Long Range Blaster is an awesome option. Purchasing one doesn’t make sense hence it is best to buy more than one gun so you can enjoy them together. For a cheaper option; there is also a Laser X Morph blaster that you can take a look at.

Hope this Laser X review will guide you well at your purchase. Hence to entertain you and your kids at the same time no doubt Laser X is an extremely best option to go for.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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