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Last Seen On WhatsApp Is Wrong? [Know How To Fix]

Last Seen On WhatsApp Is Wrong

Changing your technological device settings can be a treacherous task, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy person. The information you are looking for to resolve your issue is simple and easy. WhatsApp holds a variety of settings options and can be tricky to acquire the exact information you need. Your last seen on WhatsApp is wrong due to several disorderly settings.

By merely following the substantiated guide given here, you should be able to find a way out of your predicament.

Last Seen On WhatsApp Is Wrong? – Here are the fixes

To clarify the issue, a well-explained instruction manual is crucial. If your problem is regarding WhatsApp last seen time settings, look no further. You’ve come to the right place. These options stated below should most definitely be able to fix your issue.

1. Change Location and Time Settings Manually

More often than not, your device tends to change its settings based on your location. If you’ve recently travelled, consider changing your time zone settings manually to your current location.

Ensure that your time zone is set correctly; as all these minor modifications could be the answer to your problem.

  • If you own an Android device, go to Settings > System > Date and time.
  • If you own an iPhone, Settings > General > Date and time to manually change your time zone settings.

If your last seen on WhatsApp is wrong, it might be concerning the incorrect synchronization of the time and time zone configuration on your device. Make sure to adjust it accordingly.

2. Set Date and Time Settings to Automatic

In case the suggestions mentioned above don’t solve the issue, switch your device’s date and time settings to Automatic or Network provided. This should prompt your network provider to alter the time.

Final Words

Your issue of ‘Last Seen on WhatsApp is wrong’ will be fixed in a few easy steps; so do not fret! If the suggestions above still don’t work, the problem might be with your network connection. Getting in touch with your mobile provider is suggested if this occurs, and this should fix the issue.

Which phones will not be able to use WhatsApp?

The iPhones that are running on a version prior to iOS 9 and Android that are running on a version prior to 4.0.3.

Why is my WhatsApp contact’s last seen time incorrect?

If this happens, please check the time and time zone configuration on your phone.

How can I hide my WhatsApp DP?

To hide your DP on WhatsApp, open WhatsApp, then tap on Settings, now tap on Account, after that tap on Privacy, now tap on Profile photo and tap on Nobody.

By Vishal

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