LG QNED Mini LED TVs Will Be Unveiled At CES 2021

LG is ready to expand its premium television portfolio with the beginning of the new decade of 2021. LG is a Korean giant and known in the market for its OLED TVs, and LCD TV’s comprise the mid-range market. Now, LG is taking a big step towards LED mini technology. However, LG will launch the LG QNED Mini LED TVs at the CSE event on 11 January 2021. LG is going to combine the two advanced technology in the new TV line-up for the first time.

What is QNED Technology In LG QNED Mini LED TV?

Well, we all are aware of the OLED and QLED technologies, but QNED is new. The QNED stands for Quantum Dots Nano cell Technology. Instead of the traditional LED panel, there will be a backup of mini-LEDs (almost 30,000 in the 86 inch and 8K variant).

According to one of the official blog posts of LG, the QNED TVs will be supported by a 120 Hz refresh rate. For better lighting control and contrast, LG is using 30,000 tiny LEDs in the new TV. All these TVs will offer a “1,000,000:1 contrast ration after pairing up with almost 2500 dimming zones and local dining technology.

For better results, LG plans to pair up its two technologies, one quantum dots, and the second Nano cell technologies. It will be the first TV with a combination of quantum dot and Nano Cell technology in one place. The LED backlight provides sharp contrast and deep blacks for images and also offers accurate colours.

LG revealed that the new mini-LED premium TV collection will have ten models. This line up will have 4K(Ultra-HD) and 8K models, which will vary up to 86 inches in size.

Keep your eyes open and ears wide to check out the advanced premium TV of the LG. LG is going to bring revolution in its and world’s history.

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