How To Loop Video On iPhone? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Loop Video On iPhone

Yesterday, I suddenly felt that I need to learn how to loop video on iPhone as I was observing a trend of uploading and sharing loop videos by people to a very large extent on social media like Instagram, and Facebook. These loop videos are being accepted as a fascinating and fun element by users and other people. To understand in simple words, this ongoing loop trend is related to advance photography where the same frames and photos are used in a repeated manner for a fixed time duration.

As I was trying to loop a video on my iPhone, I understood that the loop element focuses on recurring events as a magical movement of camera angles many times. These camera angles are being repeated ‘n’ number of times with the proportion of required events of particular frames or photos. They can also create and repeat the pattern in particular rotations and then halt.

The trend to loop video on iPhone is very new, many people are not familiar with its implementation method. As it’s not rocket science, everybody can learn this with the help of some simple instructions. To serve this purpose, here I’m going to mention all the different styles for looping videos on iPhone.

How To Convert Live Photos Into A Loop Video On iPhone?

To loop a video on iPhone, there are many applications available on the internet. Some specific companies also provide this feature through their applications. Loop video is denoted as a short video that is generated by adjustments of repeated shoots or actions in recapitulatory mode, sometimes forever.

iPhone has a feature to convert the pictures into a live, loop, or bounce photo. To perform these tasks, a Live Photo is being used. When we click the picture, the Live photo feature focuses on activity of 1.5 seconds for recording purposes. The best part of the live photo feature is that it can be customized within a few steps to create a loop video on iPhone.

  • First, you need to check if the live photo feature is on. You will find a live photo icon on the upper left side of the screen. Turn it on by clicking it once.
  • After that, click a photo with the live photo feature enabled. Now, visit the Photo app and look for the photo you clicked earlier in the Live Photos album. Simply as, Album > Media Types > Live Photos.

After opening the specific picture, you will find the Live option on the top left side along with an arrow. Click on that arrow button, where you will see four multiple options as:

  • Live
  • Loop
  • Bounce
  • Long Exposure

As there are multiple options available, you can choose the particular effect i.e. Loop, and then save that file. The loop element resumes the pictures to play in form of a steadily one-way video. To play the video in back and forth mode, you can opt for the Bounce effect. You can generate multiple types of videos on the iPhone through versatile effects.

After creating the loop video you can share it by clicking on the share icon present at the bottom left side of the screen.

How To Loop Video In iPhone As Repeated Slide Show?

We can also loop videos on iPhone as a repeated slide show. Slideshow videos are one of the most entertaining and funniest sources to recreate memories. This can be implemented by applying some steps as follows:

  • Visit the iPhone gallery and select the desired video for the slideshow.
  • Now save that video in the gallery at the album with some particular identified title.
  • Now stop the slideshow video, here we can see an Option button at the rightmost bottom side corner. Tap that Option button and then resume the repeat option.
  • At the very last step just open that particular video from the iPhone album and play it. Now we can enjoy the repeated slide show version of the desired video. This video will continuously play in a slideshow loop until we decide to stop this.

Best Apps To Loop Videos On iPhone

To loop a video on iPhone we can also use third-party applications. Nowadays many applications are available in the App Store to loop videos and pictures so that, they would depict in a more presentable way. These tools can be used at both the individual and organizational levels.

Some of the most efficient and trending applications to loop videos on iPhone are as follows:

All these third-party applications majorly focus on simplifying the process of video looping. Most of the applications have a root plan to extract video or photos from albums, galleries, iCloud or local drives and convert them into a loop according to selected frequencies and patterns.

We can loop the videos in iPhones through these apps as per our choice in “n” number of times by desired patterns like, reverse, back and forth, GIF format, etc.

How To Loop A YouTube Video on iPhone?

To loop YouTube videos on iPhone, follow the step-by-step process mentioned below.

  • First of all, launch YouTube on iPhone and log in to it.
  • Now, search for the video you want on loop and play that video
  • After that, tap on the Three dots present at the top right corner of the screen.
  • At last, tap on the Loop Video option to turn it on.
Can I turn a video into a loop?

Yes, you can turn a video into a loop by using video editing software.

Can I loop a video on my iPhone?

Yes, you can loop a video on your iPhone.

Can I post a GIF on Instagram?

Yes, you can post a GIF on Instagram.

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