How To Make Redstone Lamp In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Make Redstone Lamp In Minecraft

Let’s see how you can make Redstone lamp in Minecraft. This lamp can be used to give the interior a better look with some awesome lighting. Not only that if you find the common torches a bit old-fashioned, these Redstone lamps will also help you get a modern look. But now comes the complex part. To turn it on, you will need to place wiring for Redstone power.

Before we jump into the recipe, we will see how you can find the materials.

Materials needed to make Redstone Lamp in Minecraft

To find Redstone in Minecraft, you can just go to the caves to find it. They are red orbs that are common in cave systems. From them you get Redstone.

For Glowstone, you will need to travel to the nether. They are also a common block that can be found in nether. But after mining you don’t get the block itself, instead, you will get Glowstone dust.

Both blocks need to be mined by using the pickaxe. Redstone lamps can only be found in ancient cities of Minecraft.

Recipe to make Glowstone block

In the crafting table or in your inventory’s crafting area just place the Glowstone dust in a 2×2 ratio to get a Glowstone block.

Put Glowstone Dust In Blocks

Recipe to make Redstone Lamp

  • Now, you just have to use the crafting table. Place your block of Glowstone in the middle of the crafting table. You will need four red stones. Place one on the left, one on the right, one above, and one below the Glowstone block. Now only the corners of your crafting table will be empty.
Place Redstone And Glowstone
  • Your Redstone lamp will be ready in the right-hand side box, just drag it into your inventory. You can place the block anywhere you want.

How to turn on the Redstone Lamp?

The Glowstone lamp needs some power source to illuminate it. Use the Redstone as the wiring. Give it some time and make it perfect by hiding the wiring inside your walls.

Here are some things that will help you power the Glowstone lamp.

  • Lever: It will send power continuously until you keep it on)
  • Button: It is temporary but can be placed on the lamp.
  • Detector Rail: If you build a lighthouse or roller coaster, you can use this.
  • Tripwire: It is temporary but when you remove, it will not give any power.
  • Redstone Torch: You can not place it on the lamp but anywhere near it will work.
  • Pressure Plate: It is also temporary. It will turn off when you step down from the plate.

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