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Researchers Turn Mental Handwriting Into Text In Real-Time

Mental Handwriting Into Text

With the help of Artificial intelligence, researchers allowed mental handwriting to convert into real-time text. A combination of mental effort and state of the Art technology has allowed a paralyzed man to communicate by text; hence making his life easier.

Let’s take a closer look at the Brain-Computer Interface and how it can be used to convert mental handwriting into text.

Research regarding Mental Handwriting into text Technology

Stanford University researchers combined artificial intelligence and brain-computer interface devices in a fully paralyzed man. Researchers have embedded two sensors into the brain that controls hand and arm movement. A machine-learning algorithm then detected the patterns produced by his brains with each letter using signals that sensors picked up from individual neurons. The software instantly converted the man’s mental handwriting into words on a computer screen by decoding information from the BCI.

Furthermore, the researchers discovered that the participant typed 90 characters per minute with 94.1 % accuracy using this Brain-Computer Interface technology. In addition, as per the study, participants typed at a rate of around 18 words per minute. On the other hand, Non-disabled people of the same age can type roughly 23 words per minute on a smartphone.

Advantages of mental handwriting conversion into text technology

According to new findings published, this BCI technology further advances, benefiting millions of people globally. According to Jaimie Henderson, MD, professor of neurosurgery; this mental handwriting-to-text technique, is highly advantageous for patients who have lost the use of their upper limbs or their capacity to communicate due to spinal cord injuries.

As per Henderson, “This approach allowed someone with dysfunction to compose sentences at speeds nearly resembling those of healthy adults of a similar age writing on a smartphone,” said Henderson. ” The goal is to restore the ability to communicate by text.” the John, and Jene Blume — Henry M.


Paralyzed people may consider the Brain-Computer Interface to be a gift. However, while research into mental handwriting conversion to text is promising. Although, it is not yet a clinically viable method because further testing is needed for this technology.

By Vishal

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