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Facebook’s Meta Watch Has A Camera Notch According To Leaked Image

Meta Watch

The images of Meta Watch have been surfacing around the internet for a very long time. However, the most awaited watch for all tech people is around the corner. The company is likely to announce the date soon. It is said that those images of Meta Watch are found in the app for the Ray-Ban series.

Meta Watch

The first leak image clearly shows that there’s a notch. Though people are making fun of it, tech giants assume that MetaWatch is likely to have a front-facing camera. However, the screen of the watch is off in the leaked images but one can easily assume that it is going to be a front-facing camera. The photo of Meta Watch was first reported by Bloomberg.

However, it is found inside the company’s app, it was supposed to be a Ray-Ban story about smart glasses. In the code language, this watch is termed as “Milan“. Furthermore, it has a bigger display like an Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch didn’t have a camera.

It is also being said that, if this watch is the same that was reported in June, then there can be another detachable camera. Users can use the front camera for the video call and it may have 1080p resolution. It is also said that this watch will have LTE support. Earlier in June, they plan to release this watch was in Summer 2022.

We all know that currently smartwatch market is dominated by Google, Apple, and a few other brands. However, to get recognized in the same sector, Facebook will have to come up with better features.

The Meta Watch is likely to boost the working principles of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. However, he is also hopeful for the same. Earlier on Thursday, he even rebranded his company as Meta. This is why it will be interesting to see the launch of Meta Watch.

By Vishal

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