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Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding? [Know How To Fix]

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding

Hello there Minecraft fans!! Welcome. If you require a fix because your Minecraft villagers not breeding, then you’re in luck as you’ve definitely landed on the right page.

Today, we will be discussing the same, and provide you a guide that will explain why this problem arises and what you can do to solve it. So, read carefully and you should be done in a jiffy.

Let’s begin the article without wasting any time.

Breeding in Minecraft

Minecraft is an almost decade-old game now as it was launched in November 2011. But the time period definitely hasn’t reduced the game’s popularity as it continues to be played around the world by millions of people and is still beloved by the community. Many gamers do live-streaming of this game as it is one of the best Android games for YouTube Channel.

In this game, you can literally do anything. Build houses, farm, run your own village, roam around, and whatnot.

In many ways, Minecraft offers a simulation experience if the gamer chooses to go that way. So, in the case of running a village, it becomes important that your villagers breed too. But sometimes, issues arise in that process which probably you’re facing as you’re reading this guide. Let us now dive into it.

Why are Minecraft villagers not breeding?

Since this segment of the game is a simulation one, it’s not as simple to just click on an option and make babies. It has to simulate real conditions too.

So, if Minecraft villagers not breeding, then probably you are not fulfilling these criteria or conditions. Let’s look at how to solve this.

Fix ‘Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding’ Issue

Solving these conditions would fix the problem at hand. What are these necessary conditions? Glad you asked.

We can break these conditions down into 5 categories. These are,

1. Sufficient food

It seems silly to think about food sufficiency when talking about a game. But Minecraft fans could understand this point.

If there is not enough food or carrots available to your people, then they would not look to breed and their basic requirements of life aren’t being fulfilled, just like in real life.

So, having a good and consistent amount of food available to your villagers will solve the issue.

2. Number of beds

Sufficiency of beds is another important condition. If there are more than 5 or 6 villagers in one place but with there’s only one bed to share, then it won’t be possible to breed for the couple.

Again, the game imitates reality and thus, you need to make sure that there are sufficient beds available for the couples.

Having a minimum of one bed per couple is a must for them to breed. It would be even better if the beds were separated by rooms or even houses. This is pretty important to solve the issue.

3. Privacy or lack of it

Privacy is another extremely important factor that many overlook, especially in cases where the couple already has a child. In such cases, if the baby shares the same room as the couple does, then there are very less chances that they’ll breed again. The separation of the first baby from the room will help to solve the problem in that case.

4. Mating Mode

You could have done everything right so far but still, you have to face the problem of Minecraft villagers not breeding. This is because of the mating mode amongst your villagers. To solve this issue you have to place them together which will lead to breeding.

Note that, the couples who are ready to breed or are ready to mate will have a heart sign on top of them.

5. Willingness

“Willingness” could be confused with Mating mode but it’s not the same. In fact, it is a new update to the game.

Willingness here is another attempt to bring more realism to the game. There is not much a gamer can do to help in breeding, except for the above four mentioned pointers.

But, if you can manage the above four suggestions stated, then it should all be fine and you just have to be consistent about it. With time, the issue of “Minecraft villagers not breeding” will be solved.


And that is it in our analysis of why the problem of “Minecraft villagers not breeding” occurs and what should be done to conquer it with the help of a thorough guide, which we’re sure was helpful.

There are five basic conditions which you have to fulfill and a combination of them should make your people happy enough to get to breeding and there’ll be more kids in the game.

Hopefully, this would not be a problem anymore. And, for more articles on Minecraft and other games or tech, keep visiting the website as we publish articles like this one regularly.

Until next time, this is goodbye from us.

When Minecraft was released?

Minecraft was released on 18 November 2011.

What was Minecraft’s first name?

Cave Game was Minecraft’s first name.

What is the rarest thing in Minecraft?

Dragon Egg is the rarest thing in Minecraft.

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