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Minimum Requirements For Call Of Duty Mobile Game

Minimum Requirements For Call Of Duty Mobile Game

Hey guys!!! Welcome to our site. Today, we’ll be discussing the Minimum Requirements for Call of Duty mobile. Make sure to read till the end for complete information. But before we begin, first get to know some background.

Call of Duty mobile is an Activision Publishing smartphone version of the game series of the same name. It is one of the best Fortnite alternatives. The game has many features including but not limited to zombie survival and battle royales.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 on the Android Play Store with 6 million+ downloads, this action game is surely one to give a try.

But the size of the game is relatively large so, before you go ahead and spend your precious data on the same, let’s discuss the minimum requirements for Call of Duty mobile.

Minimum Requirements For Call of Duty Mobile

We are going to discuss the Minimum Requirements for COD for both Android and iOS.

Here we go:

For Android

  • RAM requirement: 3.0 GB
  • System: At least Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506
  • Storage: 1.1 GB to download. Will take an additional 1.5 GB after installing.

30 FPS should be an achievable target at this configuration, though, you may have to lower the graphics, depending upon the smartphone.

For iOS

  • System: iPhone 6 for 30 FPS or less with reduced graphics, iPhone 7 or higher for 60 fps
  • Storage: 1.1 GB to download. Will take an additional 1.5 GB after installing.

In both cases (Android and iOS), for a better experience of the game, the latest or more advanced chipsets may help.


Call of Duty mobile is a fantastic game that has lots of fun to play when you’re bored or just want to kill some time, which you have to try once to know its true worth. It is also one of the best Battle Royale Games For Android.

For that, knowing the minimum requirements for call of duty mobile is a must, which we have discussed in the above article.

I hope you got the information you were looking for. Lastly, if your phone system is up to it, then go on and install the game and have a blast!

What is the minimum requirement for Call of Duty: Mobile?

2 GB RAM is the minimum requirement to run Call of Duty: Mobile on your Android device. The Android version should be 5.1 or above.

Which is the best phone for playing Call of Duty: Mobile?

The best phone for playing Call of Duty: Mobile is the iPhone 12 pro.

Is Call of Duty: Mobile having bots in-game?

Yes, Call of Duty: Mobile has bots at early levels. As the level increase, the real players will be more in-game lobby.

What is ‘Hipfire’?

When you shoot the bullets without opening the scope, it is termed as ‘Hipfire’.

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