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12 Must-Have Android Apps For Students [Updated List]

Must-Have Android Apps For Students

Here’s the list of best must-have Android Apps for Students

As students, it is very important to have certain Apps that prove resourceful to you. Your gallery will be full of screenshots of notes and various other stuff on similar lines. What if we tell you that you can get your student life absolutely sorted and tension-free just by tapping a few download buttons? In this article, we have listed down the must-have Android Apps for students at this age. Keep reading to know more.

List of Must-Have Android Apps For Students

1. Babbel


Are you someone who is keen to learn a new tongue or curious to explore the local language of your favourite country? If this is your cue, Babbel is the answer to your question. As students, there are various occasions where one might need to learn a new language. Maybe for an interview or for your further education, but learning a new language from the comfort of your phone, is the best thing you could ask for.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate

By now you must have understood why exactly, is this App on the list. When is it that Google Translate has not helped? I doubt that this App would ever, not be of use to you. Right from filling up forms in different languages, different from yours, Google Translate has always been the best friend you need, making it one of the must-have Android Apps for students.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

Have you ever encountered a situation, where you have been working on your project day and night, and then just suddenly your laptop crashes, and when you open it, all your hard work in down the drain? This is why you should have Google Drive with you. All your projects, documents, and other important aspects will be taken care of and most importantly, be safe. So, you do not have to bang your head over loses track of your progress.

4. Office Lens

Office Lens

So big question, why this App? Well, if you did not know, Office Lens actually reads text from pictures and converts them into texts. There may have been many situations where you are searching for information regarding a certain topic, or more relevant, a receipt which you want to keep a track of your expenses is always generated in picture form. This is where Office Lens helps by reading the information and translating it into written text, making it one of the must-have Android Apps for students.

5. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

Building a good vocabulary is an essential part for students. Right from the sage of constructive grammar and correct usage of words, a dictionary is always handy. Moreover, if you ever come across a word that you don’t understand, you can always refer to the dictionary from the comfort of your phone. This makes it a must-have Android Apps for students.

6. Evernote


Making notes in a paper-free format is one of the best things that this App offers. Not only this but also, students can store their notes in any form they wish. Picture, text, written and so much more to explore, to option is wide, the choice is yours. This makes it a must-have Android App for students for sure.

7. RefMe


There must have been multiple occasions where you might have been told to write an essay. The topics are easy and you are ready to nail it, but then comes the references and citations. They can be tricky sometimes as different topics demand different citations. Here is where RefMe will do the job for you. Just choose any book of reference and scan the bar code of that book, and there you go. You have just the citation you need, in the format you need.

8. StudyBlue


StudyBlue helps students to share and upload study materials with their friends and co-students. Furthermore, the App uses a cloud storage facility which stores all the data systematically and in one place. No clutters and no disorganized formats as the uploaded data and materials can be organized in folders. This is definitely a must-have Android App for students out there.

9. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Are you tired of typing and what someone else to do the work for you? Dragon Dictation is here at your rescue. With this App, students can dictate what they wish to type in, and the application will convert your speech into digitally written text. This text can be copy-pasted wherever you need them to be. This is definitely a boon for young millennials.

10. SimpleMind


SimpleMind acts as your virtual flowchart. It helps you to organize and sort your thoughts and formulate them into new ideas. As students, you have plenty of things in your court, and sorting that mess can get a bit messy sometimes. Here is where SimpleMind comes in and does the job for you.

11. GoConqr


This App is a classic simulation of everything you need under one roof. Right from quizzes, notes, slides, and even various learning resources, this App has it all and is the best the students can ask for. Furthermore, you can also invite your friends to be a part of the same and put in their own values to it. This App is very helpful and is one of the must-have Android Apps for students.

12. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner

If you are someone who is very disorganized, then this App is very helpful for you. Right from working as a calendar for your weekly tests, to syllabus covered and yet to be covered, this App is definitely going to benefit you. With setting this reminder, you will never miss an assignment again. Save yourself the embarrassment and backlog and download the App now.

What are the must-have apps for Android?

The must-have applications for Android are 1Weather, Google Drive, Google Assistant, LastPass Password Manager, Microsoft SwiftKey, Nova Launcher, Podcast Addict, etc.

Which are the best educational apps for Android?

The best educational applications for Android are Udemy, Khan Academy, TED, Lumosity, Duolingo, etc.

Which apps are best for online teaching?

The best applications for online teaching are Google Classroom, Evernote, Educreations, Edmodo, Seesaw, etc.

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