Why Paytm Postpaid Not Working? [Know How To Fix]

Why Paytm Postpaid Not Working

Paytm is India’s one of the best online digital payment-making platforms which are widely used by both consumers and merchants. It generally works by linking your Paytm account with bank account, and the amount is directly debited from your account when you do shopping or avail of any services. If the money is not available in your account, you will not be able to use it.

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To avoid this situation and for the convenience of the customers. Paytm launched a Paytm postpaid account opening a credit limit for its loyal customers. With the help Paytm postpaid account, the consumers can spend now and pay in the next month.

But some customers did face the issue of Paytm postpaid not working even though they had the limit available.

Why Paytm Postpaid Not Working?

Based on the research, we have found some of the following reasons why Paytm postpaid not working.

  • On many online platforms, there was news that a lawyer filed a case against Paytm in Delhi high court stating that Paytm was violating the online payment rules laid down by the central bank and till the issue was resolved Paytm postpaid accounts should be frozen.
  • There was also news that only the customers whose KYC is completed are allowed to access the Paytm postpaid account.
  • The consumers who haven’t paid their due amount, their Paytm postpaid accounts were kept on freeze.

But Paytm came out with a counter-narrative that the Paytm postpaid account was active and working finely. It has also been hinted that Paytm was planning to increase the credit limit for some of their loyal customers.

Paytm also clarified that if for some customers Paytm postpaid not working, then they haven’t responded to KYC requests, and it was still pending to be filled. Once the customer completes the KYC procedure, the postpaid account will be reactivated.

How can I use Paytm postpaid?

To use Paytm Postpaid, go to Profile, then click on Paytm Postpaid, then fill your Aadhar and PAN details, and then, choose Paytm Postpaid as a payment mode.

Can we use Paytm postpaid for petrol?

Yes, you can use Paytm Postpaid for petrol, DTH recharge, in restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Can we use Paytm postpaid on Amazon?

No, you can’t use Paytm Postpaid on Amazon because it doesn’t support Paytm as a payment option.