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Pixel Pass Is A New Subscription Bundle For Pixel 6 Users

Pixel Pass

The Pixel Pass is a subscription service; which is a combined package of the benefits of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google One, and the Google Play pass altogether. This dubbed Pixel Pass has been announced by Google along with the launch of the much-awaited Pixel 6 Series.

Pixel Pass For Pixel 6 Users

As already mentioned, Pixel Pass is a one-stop bundle for all Google subscriptions. You not only get subscriptions; but you also get a storage space of 200GB on Google One and access to Google Play pass. Other than this, you get preferred care coverage for your screen repairs, screen replacements, and other accidental damages.

Now, one question might cross your mind that what if you’ve already subscribed to one of the app’s premium services. For that, Google has clarified that your previous subscriptions for Google One or Play Pass will be canceled once you receive your pass bill. You have to cancel your YouTube or YouTube Music Premium manually.

Now, the biggest benefit you get is that you can share your Google One or Play Store pass benefits with up to 5 extra people without any cost. But the sharing facility or the family plan is not yet available for YouTube or YouTube Music.

Now, if you compare your benefits with this plan, as per Google’s claim you can save up to $294 over two years. Other than that, you get to save $5 on your monthly Fi bill, if you subscribe with a phone plan on Google Fi. And, this helps you to save $414 over two years.

Now, let’s talk about the price and availability of the Pixel Pass. This subscription plan is now available in the United States; and it charges $45 per month for the Pixel 6 Series. And for the Pixel 6 Pro series, the users need to pay $55 per month. The Pixel phones, which are included in this subscription service are promised to work with all major carriers.

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