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POCO Reaffirms Its Identity Via Unveiling POCO New Logo With A Mascot

POCO New Logo

POCO India is all set to establish its brand with the POCO new logo with a mascot. It reaffirms its identity that was originally introduced under the Chinese company Xiaomi. In November 2020, it chooses to operate as an independent brand.

Almost after 3 months of separation, the company unveiled its new brand logo “Made for Mad” mascot. Furthermore, the mascot will replace the first ‘O’ in POCO. The trend of the mascot has been pressing on after the company Realme introduced its cat mascot realmeow.

What Does POCO New Logo Symbolize?

The philosophy after the POCO new logo is to re-define the madness of the consumer or the thirst for perfection.

According to the CEO, POCO India, Anuj Sharma, the logo reflects “the confusing emotions in the minds of consumers and represents that every individual is looking for greater alternatives to the mainstream.”

It seems that the new brand wants to cater to the needs of its customers with its value-for-money offerings.

Let us understand the whole logo bit by bit

Out of the four key parts; On the top of the emoji is the first halo, which symbolizes a sense of goodness. While the two horns more like antennas are symbolizing the naughty devilish side of the Madness. Moving down to the catchy eyes symbolizes a sense of evilness or badass emotions and the last symbol the triangular mouth symbolizes the sharp wit in contrast with madness.

Earlier also, POCO offered one of its globally called, POCO F1 back in August 2018. This smartphone got its popularity for the remarkable feature at an affordable price of Rs. 20,999 which otherwise costs Rs. 34,000 in the OnePlus.

Celebrating its one year of success the company has decided to stand different from its parent company. The new logo exempting the POCO Global division which is now speculating only on POCO India.

By Vishal

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