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Facing Poor Connection Error In Clubhouse? [8 Methods To Fix]

Poor Connection Error In Clubhouse

Recently many complaints have been reported by the users that they are facing poor connection error in Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is basically an audio social network app that has lately been considered as one of the most popular networking apps across the globe. This app was initially launched for iOS only; but now available for Android too.

The service provided by this app is quite wonderful, and the app had been complimented quite a lot of times. But recently, many reports have been claimed that the app has started malfunctioning; and users are facing poor connection errors in Clubhouse.

Methods To Fix Poor Connection Error In Clubhouse

Among the issues reported, the most common one is the poor connection error in Clubhouse. A message pop-up saying ‘Poor connection. Try to find a stronger signal‘ when the users are joining a chat room. Also, the audio goes off and starts malfunctioning. And users have also experienced that sometimes the app works only when it’s connected to WiFi.

So, here, in this article, we’ll discuss the methods that might help you eliminate any issues regarding the connectivity on the Clubhouse.

Method 1: Check the Internet connection

The first thing you can do if you’re having connectivity issues is to check your network connection. Go to Speedtest (one of the best Internet speed test apps) to check the internet speed and connection status.

The app will serve you poor audio quality or show poor connection alert messages if the network is unstable or too slow.

  • Check if the overall internet is having connectivity issues or not.
  • Ensure that ISP is providing good bandwidth.
  • Check if your Internet data is not exhausted.

Method 2: Try using mobile data

Sometimes some apps need to be allowed to use mobile data separately. Both Android and iOS let you enable or disable the usage of mobile data for the apps individually. So, you should check if the settings are turned off.

To turn on mobile data on Android,

  • Open Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps/All apps.
  • Now, look for the app Clubhouse, and tap on it.
  • After that, click on mobile data and WiFi. If the data access is disabled, turn it on.

To turn on mobile data on iPhone,

  • Open Settings > Clubhouse.
  • Now, check if the toggle switch for mobile data is turned on or off. If it’s turned off, turn it on. And enable the Background Data Refresh.
Toggle On Background App Refresh

Method 3: Log out and Re-login

There’s another simple method that might fix the above issue. Just try logging out and re-logging into the app. This will help to refresh your account data and eliminate the temporary glitches if there are any.

  • To do this, you need to open the Clubhouse app and then tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner.
Tap On Profile Icon - Clubhouse Poor Connection
  • Now, click on the Settings option from the top right corner.
Tap On Settings - Clubhouse Poor Connection
  • You’ll find the Log out option there, tap on it.
Tap On Logout - Clubhouse Poor Connection
  • At last, log back into your account.

Method 4: Disable the VPN

VPN provides online privacy by creating a private network for internet connectivity. However, it might occasionally cause problems if connected to a congested server or network connection.

So, you might need to disable the VPN service on your device temporarily. Check if doing this helps or not. If it doesn’t, try the other methods mentioned below.

Method 5: Try uninstalling and reinstall the application

If you’re still facing a poor connection error in the Clubhouse app even after having a good internet connection, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This may fix if any temporary glitches are causing the problem. The Android users can also clear the app’s data if they don’t want to uninstall the app.

Method 6: Contact Clubhouse support

You can also reach out for Clubhouse support if you’re unsure about what’s causing the problem in the app.

Method 7: Check if the server is down

Sometimes it might also happen that the app server is down. In that case, you need to wait until it gets fixed on its own. You can also check Clubhouse Twitter for updates.

Method 8: Change the DNS

Many users have reported that changing the DNS has helped them to fix the problem. You can easily change the DNS by going to the Network and Internet Settings option on your phone. Click on Private DNS and change it from Automatic to Private.

Then, just enter as the hostname of the DNS provider and save it.

Other methods which might fix the poor connection error in the Clubhouse

There are some other methods too, which can help you to fix this problem.

  • Try restarting your device.
  • Go to the WiFi settings, forget the network and reconnect to it.
  • Try restarting your router.
  • Turn off your data saver mode, if turned on.


This article is basically a compilation of the methods to fix the poor connection error in the Clubhouse app. If you’re facing any of the issues with the Clubhouse app, this article might come to your help. People also facing issues while logging in to the Clubhouse. Well don’t worry, we have written a step-by-step guide on what to do if you cannot log in to Clubhouse app.

How do I fix Clubhouse’s poor connection?

Make sure you have a good internet connection. This will resolve the poor connection error in the Clubhouse.

Does Clubhouse use a lot of data?

No, Clubhouse fetches low data as it is an audio-based application.

What data does Clubhouse collect?

Clubhouse collects names, phone numbers, addresses, contact details, IP address, device name, etc.

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