Latest PUBG Crate Update Brings Out Lot Of Changes

PUBG Crate Update

PUBG Corporation has announced that it is going to make a lot of changes to loot box mechanics mainly removing the locked loot boxes from the Random Crate drop pool through a new PUBG crate update.

As you know, every player gets both open and locked loot boxes randomly from the pool through the BP system. Open boxes can be opened directly but locked boxes require a key purchase to open.

In a Dev letter titled “Improving Crate Content” on 11th Nov, PUBG Corporation has detailed the reasons and schedule of changes that they are going to make for the game which will be brought by the Crate update.

The Chief reason is that players find it frustrating for locked boxes and is not an enjoyable experience and the Corporation has stated that they will cut down the revenue sources that do not make the game enjoyable and hope that with the release of this PUBG Crate Update, things will become better.

Changes brought by PUBG crate Update

The PUBG Crate Update brings changes through a series of steps starting from bringing a new Venetian Crate for BP on 11th Nov until stopping its direct sale and it’s randomizing on Nov 27th which will be followed by the complete removal of locked boxes on Dec 18th. You may still purchase keys if you have locked boxes in your inventory.

Other changes in the PUBG Crate Update include:

  • Increase of Probability of getting top-tier items but making sure that they are still hard to obtain.
  • The Quality of the items obtained in the middle tier will be improved and its likeliness to be obtained will be increased by 20%.
  • The Graphic Quality of Crate skins will be enhanced.
  • Preferred skins will appear in Lower tiers and AR Category skins will be evenly distributed.

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