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How To Send A Text At A Certain Time? [Easy Guide]

Send A Text At A Certain Time

More options are being given to the user when it comes to scheduling their texts or emails by the advanced apps these days. There are several tools that can be used by the user and several options among which the user can select for themselves to send a text at a certain time.

There can be multiple reasons why the user does not want to send texts and emails straight away. A few of those reasons might be that the information the user needs to convey through texts or emails isn’t going to be relevant for a while; the recipient lives in a whole different time zone or the recipient might be busy at the time the user is sending their text or email.

Ways To Send A Text At A Certain Time

Below are some ways that can help you in sending scheduled texts and emails.

Schedule Texts And Chats

There is a built-in scheduling feature in the Google messages app which is the default SMS app on many Android smartphones. This feature lets the user schedule their text. It can be activated by holding down the send button for a few seconds after composing the message. If you do this, a panel will appear with some suggested times later in the day.

You can select the time to send a text at a certain time or you can select pick date and time in order to specify the date when you want your message to be delivered. Till the specified date; this message would stay as a pending one in the app with the scheduled time and day displayed above.

In an Android phone; the exact setup depends upon the make and the manufacturer so the options to send a text at a certain time might not be the same. For example, on Samsung devices; the default messages app has a scheduling feature built-in for slowing down the sending of texts.

Select the (+) symbol to the left of the text box or the (>) symbol if you can’t see the + symbol; then choose the Schedule message from the window that pops up. Now, you need to select the date and time in order to send a text at a certain time and then select Done.

The default messaging app lacks a native scheduling function on iPhones but Apple’s own shortcut app can be used to send a text at a certain time. For this, you need to install the Delayed Time iMessage shortcut. You need to tap on the Three-dot present in the top right corner of the shortcut and see how it works.

Set The Time - iPhone

This shortcut app can be run with a tap and you need to select the contact, message, and the date and time of sending the message. This app is highly useful to send a text at a certain time; but it is advised not to schedule your messages too far in advance as this trick requires the shortcut app to be running in the background all the while till the specified date and time of the delivery of your message.

This scheduling feature is not available in third-party chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. However, Telegram offers this feature to its users. In order to use this feature on Telegram, hold down the same button for a few seconds to reveal the schedule message option; then select the specified time and date of when you want this message to be sent.

Schedule Emails

Just like you can send a text at a certain time; you can also send an email at a certain time. The best in this is Gmail. And if Google’s email client is being used by you on the web; you can schedule your messages by clicking the Small arrow next to the send button.

While scheduling messages on Gmail, a few suggestions appear, for example, to send your message tomorrow morning and so on. Select the pick date and time option in order to specify exactly when you need the email to be sent. Suggestions of the future scheduled messages usually have the date and time of the previous messages you’ve scheduled in order to help you send a batch of messages at the same time.

Until the specified time, the scheduled messages remain stored in the section with the heading schedule; in the panel present on the left side of Gmail’s home screen. As long as the message is stored in the scheduled section, you can edit it; delete it, or change the specified date and time of its delivery. The messages scheduled on Gmail are stored in Gmail servers; so you don’t have to worry about being online all the time in order to ensure the delivery of your message.

In Gmail, the scheduling option is available for both Android as well as iOS. In the mobile apps, you need to tap the Three dots present in the top right corner and select Schedule sends on the compose window.
Apple’s mail client does not have a scheduling feature but you can use a variety of other apps (like Gmail) to schedule your emails on your Apple device.

Click On The Arrow

Microsoft’s Outlook has an email scheduling option. When you’re composing a mail, you can switch to the Options tab; tap on the Three dots present on the right, and then choose the option of Send Later. On macOS and in the web client; you can directly click on the arrow next to send and then select the option of send later.

Click On Send Later Option

For Apple Mail, Outlook, and Gmail, Mailbutler is an email plug-in that supports the scheduling of your mails. This is paid and needs an investment of €7.95 (about $9.50) a month for the premium package. Spark is another option that is free for personal use. It lets you schedule messages on iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and Windows.

Can you send a text at a certain time?

Yes, you can send a text at a certain time.

Can you schedule texts to send at a certain time on your iPhone?

Yes, you can schedule texts to send at a certain time on your iPhone.

Are texts the same as SMS?

Yes, texts are the same as SMS.

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