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ShowBox Not Working On Android? [5 Methods To Fix]

ShowBox Not Working On Android

It is a good day, and the weather is soothing. Due to the lockdown, you are in your home and decided to watch a movie on ShowBox. What if the ShowBox not loading? Fret not because hundreds of people face this issue on a daily basis. And if you are one of them and have no idea of what to do if ShowBox not working on Android, here are some tips which can help you out of the loading error.

These days premium streaming content is at an all-time high, from Amazon Prime, Netflix to Disney Hotstar. But if we step back by a decade or so, there was no widely-known streaming platform. Even after YouTube launched under Google, there were not enough films on it. Moreover, most of the films were taken down due to copyright. People then had to rely on torrent to download movies or watch the streaming movies on torrent.

Numerous unofficial streaming platforms came into existence, but only a few could stand the test of time – ShowBox is one of them. The premium platforms along with federals are continuously trying to shut down these types of torrents. But the unofficial platform’s community is close-knitted, and from the day of ShowBox’s release, several updates are provided to avoid shut down.

Although earlier these updates were pretty frequent, now they are periodical and less frequent. Even though the ShowBox community is still active, there have been numerous ‘ShowBox Not Loading’ cases on a daily basis.

Methods To Resolve ShowBox Not Working On Android Issue

Here are the methods that will help you to resolve ShowBox not working on Android issue.

Method 1: Reboot Your Device

This might seem like an overly obvious move because from time immemorial, whenever our device showed any error or lag or even connection problem, we reflexively decided to reboot our device (and somehow, it worked most of the time). But to cleanse out the anomaly, we have to start from the beginning because this the first and most effective option.

To do that you can choose the ‘Turn off device’ option in the settings, or you can do it manually by pressing the power button or the volume down button along with the power button (differs from one device to another). Hold them long enough and after the screen has gone dark, wait till you feel a slight vibration implying your Android device is rebooting. Now, go ahead and try to launch ShowBox. This might serve your problem of the ShowBox not working on Android.

Method 2: Reconnect to the Internet or Switch to another Network

You might even give the network connectivity a check because many times the ‘ShowBox not Working on Android’ issue happens due to the connectivity problem, and people tend to focus on other factors. To ensure the connection is not the problem, you can straight up unplug the modem, then clean it with a cloth.

When you are done, re-plug the modem and switch it on. By now, the issue (if it’s related to connectivity) should be eliminated. If it still does not work, you may check your network connection options, that is, changing your network to another.

Method 3: Update or Reinstall ShowBox

It is true that the updates of ShowBox have lessened down to only once or twice in half a year, but predicting the update would be futile because it is more likely to be irregular and unpredictable.

Due to other official streaming platforms trying to close it down, ShowBox had to formulate countermeasures, and that is why the updates are necessary. You can even try to uninstall and reinstall it. This will automatically get you the latest version of ShowBox. To do that you can do the following steps.

  • Open your default browser or open Google Chrome (Google Chrome is recommended).
  • Search for ‘ShowBox Latest application’. Go to the official website. There you will find the app and probably its updated version.
  • But if you want to reinstall the app, you can just uninstall ShowBox from your Android device and search for the app in a similar manner.
Download ShowBox Application

In either of the processes, when the installation is complete, try to launch the ShowBox, and it will load (or maybe not, if so, try the next method).

Method 4: Clear the ShowBox App Cache

A cache is a temporary memory formed by the device so that we can access the frequently accessed apps and files quicker. But many times cache can stop the files or apps from loading. This happens when there is a difference between the cached data of an app or website present on the computer with the present version of that app or website.

This causes some weird glitches and crashes, and even loading errors. So, caches can be very useful but the root of a problem too. And to clear the cache, you can try the following steps.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Manage Apps and search ShowBox in search bar.
Search ShowBox In Search Bar
  • Now, tap on Clear data > Clear cache and then, tap Ok to delete the entire cache of ShowBox.
Clear ShowBox Cache

Once done, try to launch the ShowBox on your Android device. If still, it shows that the ShowBox is not working on Android, there is just another method that can prove to be effective.

Method 5: Clear the Device Cache

Now, if you have already tried out the last option mentioned above, you might blurt out that I exactly said what you did just a minute ago. But I will beg to differ. You see the cache that you cleared moments ago was of the app (of ShowBox app to be precise), and this time we will be clearing the cache of the device itself. And why are we doing it? Let me enlighten you a bit.

It is because your device can (and will surely) have more than one app, and we already know that third-party apps have a tendency to be in conflict with other already existing apps. Because when both parties’ actions contradict or even don’t align, they cause all the lags and loading issues out there. Now, to clear things up, you have to clear the cache of both apps.

But it is not always possible to recognize the other app that is stopping ShowBox from not working on Android. You have to throw away the whole cache bundle of your device. You can follow the steps written below.

There are two ways to clear device cache. Here’s the first way to clear an Android device cache.

  • Go to Settings > Search Storage.
  • After that, tap on Free Up Space and then Clean Up. This method will clear all your phone’s cache.
Clear Your Phone Cache

If this method didn’t work, you can try the other way to delete your device cache and that is by clearing the cache partition.

  • To clear the cache partition, turn off your device and hold the Power button along with the Volume down button.
  • Don’t release it until you see the Android logo. You will find multiple options, choose Clear cache partition.
  • You can toggle between the options by pressing volume buttons, choose the Wipe cache partition and confirm by pressing the Power button.
Wipe Cache Partition
  • Switch the device back on and launch ShowBox. This time it should load.


If it still does not work out, delete the app and use the ShowBox website. Do it while keeping Express VPN activated. You will get lesser ads. And here, you would never be getting the ShowBox is not working on Android. So, all the methods were mentioned, without any preference. So, choose the one that works for you smoothly.

Is there an alternative to ShowBox?

Tubi TV is the best alternative to ShowBox.

How do I update ShowBox?

Uninstall the older version first, now open Google Chrome and search Download ShowBox. After that go to the official website of ShowBox and there you will get the latest version of ShowBox.

Is ShowBox banned in India?

Yes, ShowBox is now banned in India.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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