Signal Tops App Store And Google Play Charts In India & US

Signal Tops App Store

The encrypted messaging service, Signal tops App Store and Google Play charts in the US and India. Many countries across the world, witnessed this trend, including India. Signal also topped the charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, France, and Hong Kong.

WhatsApp was perhaps the most popular messaging application. However, after repeated privacy intrusions, especially after Facebook purchased WhatsApp; the masses were very unhappy with WhatsApp. Facebook has been notorious for privacy violations and still continues to collect; and hoard user data.

Reasons Why Signal Tops App Store?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy allows WhatsApp to share data with Facebook and other third-party service providers. Signal, a messaging application founded by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, has a better privacy policy.

It does not unnecessarily store; sell or misuse user data and therefore is believed to be a safer option than WhatsApp for messaging. Signal hit the number one spot in the all applications category after a sudden surge in popularity; following Whatasapp’s privacy policy changes.

In just a week after the new policy came into force, Signal saw a 4,200% increase in downloads (7.5 million downloads). More than 30% of the new downloads came from India while the second-highest downloads came from the USA.

The overwhelming support Signal received from multiple public figures triggered this surge in popularity. Billionaire Elon Musk, with 42 million Twitter followers, tweeted ‘Use Signal’. Right after the tweet, their stock surged 527 percent on Thursday and on the next day an additional 91 percent.

Popular American whistleblower: Edward Snowden, too; vouched for the application and claimed to be a Signal user. Across the globe, on the App Store and Play Store, Signal is climbing the charts and rising in popularity.

Facebook is known for using its monopoly over social media to store; and use private user data and these changing trends show that people are unhappy with this and have started prioritizing privacy and security.

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