SketchAR App Lets People Create And Auction Their Art As NFTs


In the last few years, SketchAR has helped several digital artists earn money. This is an application designed with a view that artists, especially digital creators, will be able to create their art forms and sell the same on this platform.

Many times artists have a dream to create their art and make it’s NFT. But situations were not up to the mark to do so. But now SketchAR is giving this opportunity to all these people. It is becoming a major earning source for all the creators who are finding it difficult to be with these recent trends.

Latest update you must know about SketchAR

SketchAR is already assisting people to initiate their artistic and creative journey. However, earlier last week they announced their next step. They have added a feature to upload and auction their all creations in the NFTs format.

They even said that, though we are helping our artists, some spark was missing. Content creators weren’t getting the expected monetization. Hence, encountering the same SketchAR will undoubtedly help them.

The app makers also said that, if your chosen community chooses you as ‘Creator of the week’ the latest form of your work will get automatically converted into an NFT. However, it will get posted on the Open sea marketplace.

What are NFTs?

NFTs knows as non-fungible tokens. They are designed in such a way that a person can sell or buy the selected workpiece with the help of NFTs. However, two NFTs can’t be the same.

Therefore, it gets easy to identify fake NFTs. Due to no similarities in the two NFTs, it is impossible for anyone to directly exchange it as cryptocurrency.

Final Words

The creation of SketchAR has given a ray of hope to all the content creators. They have got new reasons to cheer up their content creations. However, this updated version of SketchAR is giving some new and refreshing opportunities to all digital artists.

By Vishal Negal

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