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How To Use Spectator Mode In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Spectator Mode In Minecraft

Spectator Mode in Minecraft is a feature where you can fly around the world of Minecraft like a ghost. In this feature, you can fly around to spectate your world, and move through any object, block, or floor. The only thing you won’t be able to do is to interact with other objects like opening a chest. This feature of Minecraft is only available on the PC version which is Java. You can’t have this mode in the bedrock edition. Most gamers who play hardcore like to use this mode.

They first introduced this mode in the 1.19 update. Bedrock users can use the Preview or Beta version of Minecraft to use the spectator mode as an unofficial format. Even though this is fun, this mode is still in early development. So, till we get an official update from devs, the Bedrock Beta version will have some glitches.
If you want you can give the Preview and Beta versions a try.

Spectator Mode

To use the spectator mode in Minecraft you just need to put in this command.

“/gamemode 6”

There will be a popup saying “%createWorldScreen.gameMode.spectator”. If you get this message you can assume spectator mode is turned on. Now you can travel anywhere in the world as a spectator.

Learn To Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft

If you want to turn on this mode during a survival mode world then you might have to face some limitations. In survival, you won’t be able to fly and can only go through the blocks that are on your same level.

If you want to fly you will need to enter the command –

“/gamemode c”

You can jump and see if your avatar is flying or floating.

If your spectator mode gets toggled while you are flying in the air, you will still have ethereal movements. You will be able to get through any object or block from the world from any elevation. If you open your settings menu to go into “Personal Game Mode”, you will see a blank area. This is because the spectator mode is not been officially developed by Mojang.

If you go into the caves and you can’t see anything, you can turn on the night vision mode for dark vision. Just enter the command.

“/effect @p night_vision 10000 10 true”

There are more commands that can help you get night vision but this works just fine.

Hopefully, you guys learned what spectator mode is and how you can use this. The developers will soon add the official spectator mode in the bedrock version but till then we will wait and use the Beta version. Do you think spectator mode in Minecraft is worth using?

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