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Spotify Can’t Play Current Song? [How To Fix]

Spotify Can't Play Current Song

Spotify is one of the most popular music services all around the world. While there are engineers who are continuously working to fix new evolving bugs every single day. There are still some critical errors that most of us regularly face if we use Spotify regularly. You may have faced the Spotify can’t play current song issue at least one time while playing your favorite song. In this article, we will discuss the possible cause behind this error and the possible tricks to resolve this issue.

Why does this error happen?

There is not a single reason why Spotify often fails to lay the current song and throws the error Can’t play the current song. Here we have listed a few of them. You can read those to understand the reason behind the cause and take action accordingly.

  • Maybe there’s an issue with the device on which the app is running. Due to this, the app doesn’t run properly.
  • The second reason behind it may be the Spotify app]. It often happens that due to some technical glitch, an app stops functioning or does not function as expected.

Solutions To The Spotify Can’t Play Current Song Issue

As we have come to know about the reasons behind the problem, let’s move on to see the probable solutions to this problem.

1. Restart Your Device

Restarting is possibly the most popular method performed by most people if they encounter any error. After facing any abnormal issue in our device, we typically restart it to let the issue fix on its own. It’s rather very easy to restart a Windows PC.

  • At first, click on the Start button & then click on the Power button, located right above the start menu.
  • From the menu click on Restart.

For most Android devices, keep pressing the volume up & power button for a few seconds to restart the device.

2. Restart The App

The second type of restarting is restarting the app. While Spotify is showing the error “Can’t play the current song”, you can restart the app to solve the error. To restart Spotify, do the following.

If you are using a PC, open the Spotify tab and click on the Quit Spotify option located at the bottom of the drop-down list.

Click On Quit Spotify

On mobile, you can close the app either by pressing the Home button or the back button. If you are using Spotify on a web browser like Google Chrome, you can close the specific window of Spotify.

3. Log Out

Logging out and then logging in again can be a way to solve the Spotify can’t play current song issue.

  • If you are on a desktop, click on the drop-down menu button beside your username. From the drop-down menu, click on the Log out button.
Click On Logout
  • If you are using mobile, open Spotify > click on the Settings icon then scroll down and click on the Logout option.
Tap On Logout Option

4. Update The App

Make sure the app is up to date. Here is how you can update the Spotify app.

On desktop

Click On Library
  • Now, click on the Update option next to Spotify.

On Android

5. Configure Music Quality Settings

Sometimes, the quality at which some music is being played caused the problem. This is mainly because the music you want to play may not support the quality that has been enabled by default. To configure music quality, do the following.

  • Open your Spotify app & tap on the Settings menu.
  • In the list of options, select Audio Quality > Automatic.
Choose Automatic Option

6. Change Crossfading Option

Crossfading is a feature present in Spotify which makes the transition between songs smooth and pleasing to the ears. The mal-configuration of this feature may be one of the reasons Spotify can’t play current song.

  • Open Spotify app on desktop > Settings > navigate to the Playback section and toggle on the Crossfading songs option. (Set the time to zero (0) seconds.)
Toggle On Crossfade Songs
  • At last, restart your PC.

7. Check Disk Space

If you’re a Premium customer, the amount of available free space on your device can be a matter for which Spotify can’t play the current song. The process of checking the available space on your device is rather simple.

For PC

If you are running a PC with Windows OS, open This PC and check the available space on Local disk C or any other local disk where you have installed Spotify. (Generally, apps are installed on Local disk C by default.)

For Mobiles

Open File Manager, from there you can see the total space of your mobile as well as the remaining space of your mobile. If you are running out of space, you may try the following troubleshooting steps.
⦁ Uninstall apps you don’t need.
⦁ Uninstall your unnecessary downloads.

8. Check The Playlist

When you have several songs downloaded on your device, this error occurs. The reason may be that the song or the file has been deleted from Spotify’s server but is present on your device. If this is the case, you may follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Settings > Sync your songs (particularly downloaded songs) again with the server.
  • Now, delete and reinstall Spotify.

9. Reinstall Spotify

If none of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above has helped you to fix the problem, you should better try reinstalling Spotify. Reinstalling any app deletes previously-stored unnecessary data and thus can help you to fix the problem. After reinstalling Spotify you may need to log in again with your previous Spotify account.


In this article, we have discussed the ways to resolve the Spotify can’t play current song issue. We have discussed all the possible reasons in depth. We hope that these solutions have helped you to solve the problem. If the problem has not been solved yet, you can try commenting below the article or contacting Spotify’s support.

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Is Pandora still free?

Yes, Pandora is free with ads.

Who is the CEO of Spotify?

Daniel Ek is the CEO of Spotify.

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