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Why Is Spotify Premium Not Available In Quebec? [Explained]

Spotify Premium Not Available In Quebec

A problem has risen in Quebec with offering the Spotify premium. This might have been a result of the rules related to consumer protection in Quebec. There is a rule that if the products that are supposed to be sent to Quebec for business purposes, then it is to be altered in French. Or else, products will not be allowed. With such problems being experienced in Quebec, this time Spotify is the victim – since, Spotify premium not available in Quebec. The worst part, nothing is in the hands of Spotify.

Reasons Why Spotify Premium Not Available In Quebec

Looking at the current scenario regarding the availability of Spotify premium in Quebec, Stephanie J. Benabu, a permanent resident of Quebec; has filed a case against the most sought-after companies such as Audible INC., LLC, Google INC., Linkedin Ireland, Apple INC., Spotify AB, and many more. Well, to get more into this issue, let us have a look at the law that is applicable in Quebec-

“Every consumer, pursuant to the terms of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA), who since July 4th, 2013 (the ‘Class Period’), was provided services or goods free of charge, for a fixed period (the ‘Fixed Period’), by any of the Defendants, and who, after the Fixed Period, was required to send a notice to any of the Defendants indicating that he/she does not wish to obtain the services or goods at the regular price (the ‘Regular Price’).”

In simple terms, this means that when you are launching any product in Quebec; you are not allowed to give a chance to the users to use a free version of it for a temporary period and then demand payment, to make use of it permanently. The use of free trial for a short span is against the laws of Quebec; and that is somehow protecting the consumers according to the rules and regulations of Quebec.

So, it is easily comprehensible that the Spotify free version was available in their location; but the moment an ad-free version of Spotify came into existence, where the purchase of premium is necessary; the product has been banned from using. Instead, the consumers received a message, whose certain part is as follows –

Message received by consumers

According to our records, you lived within the Province of Québec between July 4, 2013, and November 1, 2017; and during this period, signed up for a free or discounted trial on and maintained your membership after the trial period was over. If our records are correct, please carefully read the linked notice of the class action proceeding; and a proposal for the Court to approve a settlement with Spotify.

If approved by the Court; the proposed settlement will provide impacted customers who canceled their subscription in the 30 days following the end of their free trial with credit for one free month of Spotify Premium. In exchange, Spotify will be released from any claims related to the free or discounted trial offer. Details of the settlement approval are in the notice accessible by clicking here.


Hence, launching anything in Quebec is risky and might not be available there just like Spotify premium not available in Quebec.

Is Spotify Premium available in Quebec?

Spotify Premium is not available in Quebec.

Which is better Spotify or Amazon?

Spotify is better than Amazon Music as it has better personalization features.

In which country is Spotify Premium the cheapest?

The Spotify Premium is cheapest in India.

By Vishal

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