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How To Take Screenshot On MacBook Air? [Guide]

Take Screenshot On MacBook Air

Yes, you can take screenshot on MacBook Air. Though Apple devices do not have the privilege to capture screenshots right in front of the eyes of users but MacBook Air can certainly capture a shot of the entire screen. And the screenshot will also be saved to your computer storage.

MacBooks do contain an in-built feature, that is, capturing a screenshot and saving it. In fact, Macs give you the opportunity to capture the screen as per the user’s requirement. Macs will allow you to capture the whole screen as well as just some specific section of it.

Capturing a screenshot on your MacBook Air is the easiest and most lucid way to share whatever is on the screen. These screenshots may come to many uses if needed.

Steps To Take Screenshot On MacBook Air

Capturing screenshots on MacBook Air is really easy if you know the keyboard shortcuts. Yes, different keyboard shortcuts can help you to capture different parts of the screen. You can take screenshot on MacBook Air by going to the launchpad and following the mentioned steps.

Go to (Launchpad > Other > Screenshot > Options). And there the screen capturing options will be displayed. Otherwise, you may also follow these keyboard shortcuts to capture the screen of your MacBook Air.

Capturing the whole screen

To capture the whole screen of your MacBook Air, you need to press these three keys together (Shift + Command + 3).

You may also edit the screenshot by clicking the thumbnail in the corner of the screen or if you don’t want to edit; you can just wait for the screenshot to get saved to your computer.

Capturing a certain portion of the screen

If you want to take a screenshot of a certain portion of the screen, you need to press (Shift + Command + 4) together.

You may press and hold the space bar while you can drag and move the selected area. Then, you can release the mouse button or trackpad to take the shot. Also, if you want to cancel taking the screenshot, you may click the Esc button to cancel it.

Capturing a window or menu

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific window or menu; you have to press (Shift + Command + 5). After pressing these three keys together, the pointer will turn into a camera icon which you will be able to move over your screen and select the desired window or menu. After clicking ‘Save‘, it will be saved as a PNG file on the storage of the device.

Capturing the touch bar

If you want to take a screenshot of the touch bar of your MacBook Air; you need to press (Shift + Command + 6) together.


So you see, these mentioned keyboard shortcuts to take screenshot on MacBook Air is so easy and somewhat basic and essential too.

Which is the cheapest Apple laptop?

Apple MacBook Air 2020 is the cheapest Apple laptop.

How long do Macs usually last?

Macs usually lasts for eight to eleven years.

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