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Tesla Short Shorts: Elon Musk Sells Them For Real At $69.42

Tesla Short Shorts

As we all know that Tesla is an American based automotive, energy storage, and solar power company. The top company which produces high-end electric vehicle is now out with a product which is quite contrasting from others. To make everyone comfortable in the hot summer, Tesla has launched Tesla Short Shorts.

Site crashed with radiant red “Tesla Short Shorts”

Elon Reeves Musk’s Vision on Tesla and SolarCity revolves around “Change the world and help humanity”. Likewise, Tesla’s short shorts can make everyone feel convenient during the hot summer. Elon Musk has tweeted about the product on July 6th. The tweet says “Limited edition short shorts now available at”. Once the tweet is out, their website was crashed. After a reasonable time; the website was back online and is being fine since then.

What is the big difference these shorts can make will be a question which comes to one’s mind. Answering that question, in the description made on Tesla’s website says Buyers will “enjoy exceptional comfort from the closing bell”. Short shorts come out with a colour which is so fascinating. The cherry red satin short look is eye-catchy. It comes out in all sizes invariably.

Tesla’s short shorts got Tesla’s logo in the front face of the shorts. In the back of the shorts, the word “sexy” is written in a different font “s3xy”. As a matter of factor, this would be an idea that came out from the innovative CEO Elon.

Accompanying the tweet was a picture of the red satin shorts; which are adorned with the word “S3XY” – both an *apt* descriptor and a reference to Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y vehicles.

This Tesla short shorts costs around $69.42 which is around Rs. 5,200. From the moment the tweet is out and reached 37 million followers the shorts were sold out. The most shocking thing is that the shorts are sold out in just 5 minutes.

By Vishal

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