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10 Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Could Do

Things You Didn't Know About Chrome

A browser is one of the most used applications no matter whether you are using a desktop or smartphone. You use a web browser almost every day. It’s like one step door to your favorite websites, live applications, and online entertainment. Talking of the browsers Chrome browser is one of those browsers that can fool you with its minimalist and simple user interface at first glance, under that white and off-white user interface it has some colorful cool features hidden that can surely skyrocket your browsing experience. All of these features will help in better productivity, save your time, and increase your efficiency without a doubt.

Things You Didn’t Know About Chrome

Below we have gathered some of the best things you didn’t know google chrome could do.

1. Access Website that is down or Not Available

We all have come across this issue, suppose you are visiting a website that has some important information, you entered the URL of the website, and sadly it is down or not accessible, one of the common errors that we see is Dns Probe Finished Bad Config. Well, the Chrome browser lets you access the website even if it’s not working right now. You can’t download anything from it but you can access all the textual information. Simply enter cache:URL of the website.

2. Voice Search

Suppose you are writing something for your research paper while browsing through the information on your browser. It might get a little frustrating after a few minutes as you type and write again and again. Well, what you do not know is that Chrome has a voice search feature inbuilt although is a mobile-only feature but there are some add-ons that enable this functionality on the chrome desktop version.

3. Generate Super Secure Passwords

These days almost every website or any web application requires you to have an account so that you can use their services. The issue here is you can’t keep the same password on every account it can be risky. Thanks to chrome it has inbuilt functionality that allows it to generate super secure passwords and it will remember it until you log in next on the same website. To enable type Chrome://flags in the address bar, and search enable-password-generation.

4. Live Website Translation

Sometimes our research takes us to a foreign website that is completely in a different language and it is practically impossible to understand what is written. Well, chrome has inbuilt functionality to translate the webpages in real-time live on your screen. Whenever you visit a website that is in a different language, simply head to the address, there will be an option to translate in your native language.

5. Drag and Drop

Suppose you browse through a website and found an exciting article that you want to read later. Well with just one simple drag you can’t keep it in your bookmark so that you can read it later. Simply drag the link of the article or page to your bookmark bar and it’s done. The same can be used while using Google Drive and Gmail and you can easily drag and drop to upload files and attachments.

6. Recover Accidentally Closed Tabs

There are times when we browse through the websites that are full of ads, and accidentally instead of closing the ad tab, we close the current tab that we surf around for a few minutes. Well, you can instantly recover that lost tab by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+T combination, and magically you will have the lost tab reappear.

7. Save all your Tabs for Later Use

This is a very useful feature for those users who do a lot of research and gather information, usually, these people open up a series of countless tabs and mine through all the important information. Suppose you have some important task to do and do not want to lose all of these important tabs. With just a shortcut, chrome will save these tabs so that you can use them later. Simply press Ctrl + Shift + D to save all the tabs.

8. Perform Simple Calculations

Sometimes you need to urgently perform some calculations while browsing, opening up a calculator app might take a few important minutes. If you are on the chrome browser, calculation is super easy, simply put the math problem or calculation onto the address bar/ search bar and press enter, and you will have your problem solved.

9. Check all your Previous Visited Websites on Current Tab

Some of us users do not like to fill the browser with tabs and like to keep to one or two tabs maximum. The issue with this approach is that supposedly important information was on the very first website you visited and obviously you can go back but it will be too time taking. Instead simply right click on the back button or the back arrow to see all your previously visited websites.

10. Save Webpage as PDF

Some of the users might know about this feature of the chrome but there are a lot of who do not. Well, Chrome has an inbuilt functionality that allows the users to keep the webpage as PDF files. Furthermore, there are some websites that do not allow the downloading of the live PDF files so you can bypass that using google chrome. Simple Press Ctrl+P and save the webpage as a PDF file.


The above articles talk about some features that are unknown to a lot of users, all of these features are very useful and ultimately provide a better browsing experience.

We hope you got some information from this article. Thank you!

How do I use Chrome without history?

To use Chrome without history, turn on the incognito window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + n.

How do I look up history on Chrome?

Open Chrome on your computer, then tap on the Three dots on the top right corner, after that click on History.

Is it safe to use Google Chrome?

Yes, it’s a secure browser that receives frequent security updates.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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