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Total AV VPN Not Connecting? [How to Fix]

Total AV VPN not connecting

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are important pieces of software that can greatly enhance your privacy and security on the Internet. The TotalAV antivirus suite has a popular VPN, Safe Browsing, that comes bundled with its premium subscription. However, many users have found the Total AV VPN not connecting on their devices. It can be frustrating, especially since you’ve paid extra for features like the VPN and Password Vault. But there’s no need to worry. In this guide, we’ll cover the fixes that will fix this issue in no time.

Fix Total AV VPN Not Connecting

From a poor Internet connection on your part to a bad server on theirs, there could be many reasons why you’re Total AV VPN might not be connecting. But with these fixes, you’ll troubleshoot the issue and get rid of it.

1. Verify your Total AV Subscription

Before moving on to any fixes, make sure that your Total AV subscription includes the Safe Browsing VPN.

Safe Browsing VPN is only available with Internet Security and Total Security subscriptions. It is not a part of the TotalAV Pro subscription or the free version of TotalAV. If you do have one of the two subscriptions, make sure that you are logged in with the correct account.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Now, if everything is spick and span with the subscriptions, make sure the problem isn’t a bad internet connection. As a test, try browsing other websites without connecting to the VPN. If you can browse the net without the VPN without any issues, then move on to other fixes in this list.

3. Try Another Server Location

TotalAV VPN offers over 50 servers located in 30 countries. Try connecting to other servers in other locations. If you’re able to connect without any trouble, that means the problem is with the original server. It could be overcrowded, down for maintenance or facing some other problem. There’s nothing you can do in this case, other than wait for the problem with the server to resolve, which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours, and use other servers in the meantime.

To change the server location, click the current server from the Total AV app.

Change Total AV VPN server location

Then, select another server from the drop-down menu.

Select different server - Total AV VPN

4. Reboot Your Router and Device

If you still can’t get the Total AV VPN to work, reboot your device and router. Rebooting will clear their memories and start the processes again; so, if a corrupt file or packet is causing a problem, it will get cleared.

Turn off your computer or mobile. Then, turn off your router. Wait for at least 30 seconds and turn the Internet router on again. Again, wait for at least 30 seconds and turn on your device.

Connect to the Total AV VPN and see if it is connecting or not.

5. Enable VPN Passthrough

VPN Passthrough should be enabled for your router for the Total AV VPN to work; otherwise, you’ll keep getting the “not connecting” error. Now, every router will have a different method to enable VPN Passthrough. Check your router’s manual or manufacturer’s website or contact their support team to get help with it.

6. Try an Alternate Internet Connection

There’s a possibility that the problem is your internet connection. Try connecting to an alternate internet connection, like another Wi-Fi network (perhaps a friend’s?) or mobile hotspot. Then, try the Total AV VPN on that network. If it works, contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve this issue.

7. Temporarily Disable the Firewall

Computers have a firewall to protect your device. While it’s recommended to keep the firewall enabled, you can temporarily disable it to rule out the possibility of it blocking your VPN. You should also disable any other antivirus software (besides TotalAV) on your device momentarily.

Now, try connecting to Total AV VPN. If the connection proves to be successful, the firewall is causing the problem. You’ll need to add an exception for Total AV VPN in your firewall settings.

8. Check for Total AV VPN App Updates

If you’re on an outdated version of the Total AV VPN app, it could be the one causing issues. If there’s a problem with the current version, subsequent updates often fix it. It also becomes a problem if you’re on a very old version. While apps like these are generally auto-updated, there’s a chance that it wasn’t. So, manually check for updates and install any pending updates to resolve the issue with Total AV VPN not connecting.

9. Uninstall Other VPN Apps

If you have other VPN apps still installed on your device, they can interfere with the proper working of Total AV VPN. So, uninstall other VPN software and then check if Total AV VPN is now working.

10. Reinstall Total AV VPN

If nothing else has worked till now, you need to uninstall the Total AV VPN app. Then, restart your computer or mobile phone and reinstall the app. This would delete any corrupt files and give you a fresh start. Once you’ve reinstalled the app, sign in to your Total AV account and see if it is now connecting.


How do I enable VPN on Total AV?

To enable VPN on Total AV, you need to buy Internet Security or Total Security subscription for the Total AV antivirus. Once your subscription is active, your Total AV VPN add-on will become active, and you’ll be able to use Safe Browsing VPN to browse the Internet.

Why does my Total AV VPN keep disconnecting?

There could be many reasons why your Total AV VPN keeps disconnecting, like an unstable Internet connection, bad server location, outdated software, interference from the firewall, etc. But you can easily troubleshoot these concerns and Total AV VPN not connecting won’t be an issue anymore!

Does Total VPN work?

Total AV VPN is a good VPN that works completely fine. You can use it for privacy on the internet or to bypass geolocation bans. It can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

Total AV VPN is a useful security and privacy tool, so it’s frustrating when it’s not working properly. However, with some basic troubleshooting as outlined in this guide, you can fix issues with the Total AV VPN not connecting. If you’re still having issues after trying everything, contact the Total AV support team for further assistance.

By Vishal

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