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How To Turn Off Birthday Notification On Facebook? [Guide]

Turn Off Birthday Notification On Facebook

In this article, we’ve mentioned how to turn off birthday notification on Facebook. To get a thorough understanding of this feature and to know how you can turn it off, read the complete article.

Facebook by default informs everyone about your birthday. There are valid reasons to completely conceal your birthday on Facebook, aside from the perception of sincerity. Identity thieves will effortlessly search for information on your birth date, and perhaps you simply don’t want to make others aware of your age.

Whatever the cause, turning off the feed notifications for your friends is a straightforward procedure. You’ll discover how to do it on desktop browsers and mobile applications in this article. Additionally, you may turn off birthday notifications on Facebook if you’re sick of hearing about other people’s birthdays.

Turn Off Birthday Notification On Facebook [Desktop]

Working on a desktop computer or a mobile device won’t really make a difference to the procedure. Use whatever you have on hand, but we’ll start with the desktop process. Logging into your Facebook account should be your initial action. News feed will appear. Then take the following actions:

  • In the top right corner, select your name Profile icon.
  • At the top of the menu, select Your Profile.
  • Just below your cover photo on your profile page, click the About button.
Click On About
  • Click on Contact and Basic Info from the About section’s overview.
Click On Contact And Basic Info
  • Click the pencil icon to the right of the birth date under Basic Information by scrolling down to that section.
  • After selecting the pencil icon, choose the Privacy icon. You can then select who can access your birthday and receive notifications about it from the privacy menu that appears.
  • Choose Only Me if you want it fully hidden.
Click On The Only Me Option
  • Ensure that your birth year’s privacy settings are updated as well. Click Save when finished.

You may effectively hide your birthday from Facebook users other than yourself by following the steps in this article. Nobody will be informed of your birthday, and nobody will be able to view it. Below given is the mobile version through which you can turn off birthday notifications on Facebook.

Turning off birthday notifications [Mobile]

This time, the procedure will be started by opening the Facebook app on your phone. You can follow the above instructions via a mobile browser instead of using the app, which is not necessary. Once the app has been opened, proceed as follows:

  • Your news feed is the first page you see. In the search box’s left-hand side, tap the image of your profile. Click the See Your About Info option.
Click On See Your About Info
  • Locate your birthday under Basic Info and tap the Edit button next to it.
Click On Edit
  • Select Only Me from the privacy menu by expanding the privacy settings menu next to your birthdate to see the privacy menu. In case the choice isn’t there, you might need to tap on More Options. You can change the birth year’s privacy settings as well.
Click On Only Me

As you can see, the two processes are similar, and neither should take longer than a minute. Now you may also turn off birthday notifications on Facebook about other people’s birthdays.

Turning off friends’ birthday notification

Sometimes receiving a birthday reminder makes you feel obligated to reply, and that can be annoying. Go to your Facebook settings page to stop getting birthday notifications. You can do this by going to the Settings page directly or by using the down arrow in the top bar of your Facebook page.

Birthdays can be found by selecting Notifications from the left sidebar menu and scrolling down. Turn off birthday notifications on Facebook by expanding the Birthdays section. Facebook will no longer send you birthday-related notifications.

Toggle Off Birthdays Reminder

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