How To Use Bing Chat In Microsoft Edge Sidebar?

Use Bing Chat AI On Microsoft Edge sidebar

Microsoft’s Bing has gained an edge over Google with the help of Bing Chat AI. Microsoft is taking every possible advantage of this situation. As the availability of Bing chat AI is only on Microsoft Edge, which is the company’s browser, there is exponential growth seen in the user base of the browser along with the search engine. This is another reason provided by Microsoft to its users for shifting to Microsoft Edge. All its users are eager to use Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge Sidebar.

Now the Bing chat AI can be accessed by the users of Microsoft Edge even through a computer on any website similar to the Bing mobile app. With this feature, without opening a new tab and disrupting your workflow, you can ask Bing AI any question that you wish. In this article, we’ll learn how to enable and use Bing chat in the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

How to enable and use Bing chat in Microsoft Edge sidebar

For accessing Bing chat AI from Microsoft’s Edge sidebar, you need to first enable it. With the latest version of Microsoft’s Edge, Bing chat AI is enabled by default. However, if you’ve previously disabled it then you need to enable it again.

If you’ve disabled the feature of permanent visibility of the Bing chat AI from the sidebar, you can still access it in the side panel until it has been explicitly disabled by you. You can even access the sidebar from the Bing chat icon after disabling it from being visible always. You can simply move on to the next section if you have not previously disabled it.

  • If the sidebar of your Microsoft Edge is enabled then to enable the Bing chat AI, select the “Settings” icon present on the sidebar.
Access Setting From Microsoft Edge Sidebar - Bing Chat AI
Access Setting From Microsoft Edge Sidebar – Bing Chat AI
  • If the sidebar is not enabled then click on the “Three Horizontal Dots” icon from the Address bar and then navigate to the browser’s “Settings”.
Microsoft Edge Settings - Bing Chat AI
Microsoft Edge Settings – Bing Chat AI
  • From the settings, select the “Sidebar” option
Go To Sidebar Settings - Bing Chat AI
  • Next, you need to select the “Bing chat” option.
Enable Bing Chat From Sidebar Settings - Bing Chat AI
  • The last step to enable Bing chat AI on your sidebar is to turn on the toggle for the option “show discover”.
Turn On Toggle To Enable Bing Chat - Bing Chat AI

Use Bing chat in Microsoft Edge sidebar

Bing icon is present on the far-right corner of the address bar. To use Bing chat in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, you need to click on that icon. Once you click on the Bing logo icon, Bing chat will start on the sidebar. There are three modes for you to switch between. The three modes are “chat”, “insights” and “compose”.

The users can switch between these three modes from the tab present on the top part. They interact with the chatbot in the chat area. The users can create texts for various purposes like emails, letters, blog posts, etc. in the compose area. The insights area provides information and other analytical data about the website viewed in the browser at that moment.

Use Bing Chat AI  From Edge Sidebar - Bing Chat AI

Chat, Compose, & Insight modes of Bing Chat AI

When you open Bing chat AI on your Microsoft Edge sidebar, the mode shown to you by default is the chat mode. Here you can ask any question by typing your question in the textbox. The textbox is present at the bottom of the chat section. Within a few seconds, the chatbot either answers your question or provides you with a suggestion. You can even have a complete conversation with the AI by continuing to send texts back and forth.

Chat With Bing AI- Bing Chat AI

You can even generate certain texts for specific purposes such as emails, letters, paragraphs, ideas, etc. as it provides a huge range of text formats. For doing this, you need to open the compose section. You can do this by selecting the “compose” option present on the top part of the sidebar. Also, there are a number of tones for you to choose from like formal, informal, informational, enthusiastic, funny, etc. All you have to do is write your request in the compose section after choosing the format, tone, and other parameters. Wait for a few seconds now. If you like the generated text then you can copy it from there and paste it to the desired location and in case you don’t like it then you can request it to regenerate the entire content.

Compose Text- Bing Chat AI

The third section, that is the insights, is relatively a new mode. You can access this mode by simply switching to the corresponding tab. You will find insights and information on the viewed webpage here.

View Insights - Bing Chat AI

This is all that you need to know about the Bing chat AI of Microsoft Edge. Having it at your fingertips all the time can make your browsing experience even more easy and comfortable. So why wait? Enable and use Bing chat in the Microsoft Edge sidebar asap!

By Vishal Negal

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