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How To Use Live Caption In Google Chrome? [Guide]

Use Live Caption In Google Chrome

Google as its reputation keeps bringing new and useful features now and then. Another useful and interesting thing is that you can use live caption in Google Chrome. Google had enabled this feature only to limited devices like Google Pixel, OnePlus, and Samsung Galaxy.

In today’s date, you can use the live location on Google Chrome, on the laptop as well as mobile if you have an updated version on Google Chrome. Google has always been successful with its features like translation, maps, live location, and lens. If you want to know how you can enable this feature on your laptop then continue reading the article.

How the live caption is useful?

Before knowing how to use live caption we must know how it works. The live caption is a feature that will start captioning the live media playing on your device. In simple language, if you are watching a video and you have enabled live captions then captions will be displayed on Chrome.

The live caption can be useful to listen to the lyrics of songs, watching videos, or listening to a podcast. You can even use this feature for transcribing. One of the best things about live captions is that they will display captions to the audios or videos even if they are muted. Now it all depends on you and how wisely you can utilize this amazing feature.

Steps To Use live caption On Google Chrome

As you already know how amazing this feature is, you can utilize it the way you want. However, we can tell you how to enable this feature with few steps. First, open your laptop and check whether you have an updated version of Google Chrome, if yes then carry out the following steps:

  • Go in the Settings of Chrome, by clicking on the three vertical dots present on the top at the right corner.
Click On Three Dots And Settings
  • Now, click on the Accessibility under the Advanced Settings on the left and toggle On Live Caption on the right. For some laptops, you can see advance and then accessibility.
Toggle On Live Caption
  • You are all set to check. Play audio, you will notice the caption at the bottom. You can also drag and drop the captions or increase their size.
Live Caption In Chrome

Sometimes it will take time to download the necessary files so you cannot see the captions immediately. To make sure you can go in Accessibility and check the percentage of files downloading.

Final words

So this was it, this is how you can use live caption in Google Chrome. You can try it right now and see how it works. According to different laptops or PCs, the functions may change but the core process is always the same.

It may take a while for few laptops to enable the live caption as a voice recognition file is needed. So once the file is downloaded automatically this feature will be enabled. Also, you can disable it by turning live captions off.

How do I turn on live captions on Google Chrome?

To turn on live captions on Google Chrome, click on Three vertical dots > Settings > Advanced > Accessibility > toggle On the Live Caption option.

How do I turn off live captions on Google?

To turn off live caption, go to Google Chrome settings > Advanced > Accessibility > toggle Off the Live caption option.

Which is the best subtitle software?

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