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Vivo Watch Passes Through 3C Certification Process

Vivo Watch Passes 3C Certification

Vivo watch has been a word on the street lately and has caught the eyes of people. Vivo watch announces china’s 3C certification, giving a spotlight to its model number as WA2052. Since there is no update of launching this device till now. But, if it is taking place the next month, then soon an official notice will be on board. The people are really curious to know about what the first Vivo watch is bringing to them.

How Vivo watch will be acquiring its position?

In April, Vivo watch had given a hint of development but there have been no indications of any specifications yet. Smartwatches are giving tough competitions to other gadgets if we talk about Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, and Oppo, where smartwatches have already taken a pace in the Indian market.

As we talk about the consideration of the wearable segment, it will take time to settle its position. And as the increasing demand of the consumers, companies have started to work hard on these segments because it’s not easy to fit in this competitive area and steal the thunder that already co-exists.

Competitive analysis as regards to specifications

When a company launches its first smartwatch, the market takes a turn to a disturbing zone. Because launching their first watch, will be the deciding factor for the foreseeable future of the upcoming watches.

Talking about specifications, it has a small screen with a regular round design and a health monitor. It will feature a conventional smartwatch. The official Vivo watch has come out with the patent design. But back then a year ago, Vivo originally revealed the plan of the product. A week ago, they reaffirm the launch of the product but we are still unaware of its upcoming features as the official announcement of its launching awaits.

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