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What Is A VTuber? – Everything You Need To Know


The magic of VTuber can now be seen on Netflix. It is planning to launch about 40 anime series this year. The trend of anime is been quite in news and is seen in commercial ads. You can even see movies and series coming out in anime trend. Overall, the concept is catching the eyes and ears of the online and social media world making a way for VTuber futuristically beneficial.

VTuber – Virtual YouTuber

VTuber is a blend of two words ‘Virtual + YouTuber’. To put it simply VTuber is a persona created by a YouTuber virtually. VTubers act and create content the same way YouTubers do.

The only difference is that they perform not as a human but as a cartoon character, or an avatar, or an anime. That’s why a majority of it belongs to Japan. You can see these Avatars blurring the line between virtual and real space.


VTuber started in late 2010. Since the majority is from Japan and the persona is anime, it is quite relatable that the first VTuber would have been from Japan too.

Who Was The First VTuber?

Technically, Ami Yamato was the first one who vlogged a CG avatar in 2011. However, Kizuna AI is the one who coined the term Virtual YouTuber in 2016. She gained popularity with the character Kizuna AI, a female VTuber.

VTuber can be either male or female. VTubers work in different dimensions, they either do voiceover work or create original content and some of them even share identity with vocalist idols.

What Exactly They Do?

VTubers create content, which is more or less similar to YouTubers in addition to the anime/cartoon – character look.

They adopt a persona and do activities to interact with their audience. They do live-streaming to play games or to perform sometimes. What’s more, they also collaborate with other VTubers to entertain their viewers.

Some VTubers work with their original voice while some create one for their character. Hence, many of them do singing and even collaborate with other singers for fun or on the audience’s demand.

Recently they gained popularity for their creation. VTubers are now the new trend in the social media industry. These days TV commercial ads are approaching the same concept because of their attractiveness. It makes kids purchase the particular item and appease adults to pay for the service.

One of the best examples is Kizuna AI. Impressed with the new concept, one of the Japanese National Tourism organizations has assigned Kizuna as their ambassador. Apart from this, she has been a part of the Japanese campaign.

Do VTubers Make Money?

Yes, they either collect through fan funding or, sell merchandise. The concept of VTubing is so appealing and eye-catching that sponsors and advertisers for commercial branding are hiring them.

VTubers collaborate with brands and create content to sell their product or services. Because they don’t appear as human but as a character which is always refreshing for their audience.

Can You Also Be A VTuber?

Surely, you can. No doubt, the concept of VTubing is exciting and creative. The concept of being an anime/avatar or a cartoon character is never out of fashion. Thereby, if you are someone who can entertain the online world, this platform is for you. Several programs and apps let you be a VTuber with an avatar of your choice.

Among these apps, VRoid Studio is the most loved app. With this app, you can create a custom avatar of yours without any cost. The avatar won’t be still but a moving one working under its motion capture technology. The said technology works on the movement of the user and accordingly sets the facial expressions.

Besides this, VRChat is another virtual reality platform that works for the same concept. It lets you act as an avatar which is a 3D character model. Here you can create a world of your own and can let other players play the game online. It supports all sorts of movements lip-sync, eyes blink, and more.

An interesting fact about VTubers is that they can change their voice, for instance, pitch up or down, and make it rough or smooth. In addition, you can find the list providing resources and software which are used and best suited for VTubers.

How Is It Different From YouTube?

Well, there is just one fact that makes it look different and accessible is that you can create all the content same as YouTube while acting as an avatar and not the real you. If you are concerned over your privacy, it lets you be assured of that too. Your identity stays safe and you can entertain the world with an avatar you like to be seen as. Many VTubers do this and so can you.

What is the best VTuber software?

VRoid Studio is the best VTuber software.

Is VRoid mobile safe?

Yes, it is safe and easy to use.

What is the meaning of VTuber?

VTuber is a mixture of two words ‘Virtual + YouTuber’.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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