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What Do U1 & V1 Mean In Midjourney?

U1 & V1 Mean In Midjourney

Midjourney can bring your mind’s ideas to life, and you can do it better if you understand what do U1 and V1 mean in Midjourney. This is a platform where you can create photorealistic images in just a few clicks. Just write your imagination, and the platform will make it a reality. Although, the service is only available on Discord but is easy to operate. So, let us begin and learn what U1 and V1 mean.

Meaning of U1 and V1 In Midjourney

What does the “U” or “Upscale” mean in Midjourney?

After you have prompted the words and generated four images, you will notice a few buttons at the bottom. The first batch of buttons is U. There will be four “U” buttons – U1, U2, U3, U4.

The U stands for Upscale which will enhance your current generated image into something more polished. For example, clicking the U1 will upscale the 1st generated image. Clicking the U2 will upscale 2nd generated image, and so forth.

Note: Current model of the Midjourney will not upscale the image after pressing the U button. Instead, the model will just open the image for you to download or share with friends.

If you still want to learn you can find out how to upscale the image. But we recommend you use outside software for upscaling.

If you are a professional creator use Gigapixel Ai for detailed upscaling while beginners can use the ChaiNNer tool.

What does the “V” or “Variant” mean in Midjourney?

Sometimes you will have a certain image in mind and generate four images, but only one of them is close to what you want. Well, the button “V” is the key to making that almost match a perfect match. The “V” stands for Varient. Just like the “U” button, clicking V1 will create variants of the 1std image, while clicking V2 will create variants of the 2nd image, and so forth.

Clicking on the “V” button will help you to generate four more images close to the image you selected. These four variations will also have the same “U” and “V” buttons at the bottom so you can keep moving forward.

Note: Midjourney will limit your generated images according to your description. If you have a $10 plan for the month then you get 3 hours and 30 minutes of generate time. To generate you will take 1 minute per image however to make a variant it will require less time. You can just try to be quick and get more out of your subscription each time when you use Midjourney.

Refresh Button in Midjourney and Its Use

So after learning how U1 and V1 work in Midjourney, and if we countdown the buttons, this key will be the ninth. The refresh symbol near the other keys does what it is named. It will help you to re-generate all the images from scrap. If you are prompted and got something not up to your standards then just click the refresh button and get something new.

Clicking these buttons gives back all your prompts to Midjourney software. And the Midjourney will use the same prompts but this time it will create a whole new set of images. The first time it creates random images, but then clicking refresh it will try to get closer to your descriptions.

Understanding How U1 and V1 Work in Midjourney?

Hopefully, you understood the science behind these buttons. The Midjourney Discord server might seem like a rocket ship at first, but once you get used to it you can’t get enough. We have no idea if software like Midjourney will impact the industry of Graphic Designers but we do know you will have more fun if you know what do U1 and V1 mean in Midjourney.

By Vishal

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