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Why Does FaceTime Hang Up? [Know How To Fix]

Why Does FaceTime Hang Up

In this article, we are going to address the reason why does FaceTime hang up and the other FaceTime issues experienced by iPad or Mac users.

Amidst this pandemic, we’ve tried various ways to communicate with people from afar, and video-calling or face-timing is the most favored medium. And, it is still used by a massive number of people to get in touch with their loved ones. But recently several complaints have been raised by the customers regarding the FaceTime app closing mid-call or hanging in between.

This problem is not faced by the video-calling audience only but also audio calls being hung up while talking. Most of the complaints are from people who are using Mac or iOS.

Reasons Why Does FaceTime Hang Up

The reasons why FaceTime hangs up are mentioned below.

1. Internet Connection

This should obviously be the first thing to try while fixing the issue of why does FaceTime hang up. The call might be hanging up because of an unstable network so make sure you have a stable connection and you’re not far away from the WiFi router. You can try rebooting the router, switch it off for a minute or you can rather go for a wired connection.

2. Update Software

It would be wise to make sure that your Mac or iOS has the latest version. Although the software update frequency of iOS is nowhere near that of Android, but just to be sure you should check the updates.

  • For iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
Tap On Software Update Option
  • And, if you using Mac, then go to System Preference > Software Updates.

3. Check the FaceTime Application

If FaceTime is not working even after rebooting the device, you should change the procedure a bit. Before switching off your device, turn off the FaceTime app and reboot. Once the device has turned on, switch on the FaceTime and give it a test run, it should be working by then.

  • To do the mentioned steps, go to Settings > FaceTime and tap the button next to it.
Toggle Off FaceTime Option
  • If you’re on Mac, continue the same steps, you will find FaceTime in the menu bar, turn it off and enable it after rebooting. This might solve the issue of why does FaceTime hang up.

4. Fix Date and Time

It might sound weird but even the date and time settings on your device can affect your FaceTime application among many other factors, the location being a major factor.

To solve the issue of why does FaceTime hang up, go to Settings > General > Date and Time, choose the correct time and date, and reboot your device.

If you’re on your Mac, open System Preference > Date and Time and reset it. To make things faster and easier, click the ‘Set Automatically’ option.

5. Reset Network Settings

Up till now, the issue of why does FaceTime hangs up should be solved for most people but if the problem is persistent enough to survive all the tests; then you can try this last-ditch effort. Resetting the network settings will delete all the passwords and permissions from the device that you’ve had all this time; meaning you will have to retype passwords to connect to a wifi or router that you were connected to before.

It will not affect any apps or media files present on your device. The same goes for Bluetooth devices, so make sure you’ve sorted out all the issues beforehand.

  • Now, to start with, if you’re using an iPhone or iPad go to Settings > General > Transfer Or Reset Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
Tap On Reset Network Settings Option
  • Or if you’re on Mac, go to Settings, search for Reset and choose Network settings.

Final Words

If nothing worked from the above-mentioned methods to solve the issue of why does FaceTime hang up, please make sure the other participant has a stable connection or not.

Can you use FaceTime on Android?

No, you can’t use FaceTime on Android.

Is FaceTime only for iPhones?

FaceTime is available for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Can you video chat between iPhone and Android?

Yes, you can video chat between iPhone and Android using Google Duo.

By Vishal

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