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10 Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android [Complete Info]

Why iPhone Is Better Than Android

Swallow your assumptions and calm your nerves as finally, this is the topic up for discussion today. Tech lovers are always on the edge when it comes to this topic. Android Vs iOS has always been a heated discussion while both the parties have their own strong and valid points to back each of them up. But, if we move away from certain mainstream facts, there are situations where the iPhone does it better than Android.

Before throwing popcorns at us, hear us out, Android lovers? We have been very open-minded when it comes to technology and hence have come up with the reasons why iPhone is better than Android.

Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android

So, without any bias and further delay, let’s see what the main differences in these two devices are that set them apart from each other, and most importantly, better.

1. Faster, Smoother, and Better – That’s iOS For You!

After using both the platforms fairly and for an equal period of time, we have come to the conclusion that iOS is surely, faster, smoother, and better when compared to Android. Android tends to slow down and often hang a lot but when it comes to iOS; you must have hardly experienced this on iOS devices. As hard as you counter this, you cannot deny the statements as we are clearly and literally, spitting facts here.

Although, speaking of the iPhone, its speed feels some kind of a magical illusion to us at times considering its internal specifications. Yes, exactly, the fastest and most powerful iPhone device as of now is Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max which sports merely 4 GB RAM along with a six-core CPU. This kind of specification is available in Android’s Mid-range devices and this is where it becomes hard to believe that Apple still does it better than Android.

As a matter of fact, we sometimes overlook what actually matters. It’s not always about powerful specifications, its something beyond hat. Again and again, it has been proven that Apple’s processors are way faster and smoother than Qualcomm processors powered by Android and that’s one of the reasons why iPhone is better than Android.

It doesn’t really matter if the Apple device and its processor is perfect or not, what is important is that Apple’s device has been tailor-made in such a way that it optimizes the performance of all its devices in the best way possible, in turn, giving out some great performance structures.

2. Simple To Use And Comprehend: iOS Making Life Easy!

Do we even need to elaborate on this point? Apple fans are fans for a reason. iOS believes in teaching as one explores its working and interface. Its no rocket science to understand the interface of iOS, but on the other hand, it is a bit difficult to get through the configuration and features of an Android device. The working of an Android device is more like a PC. It follows a strict procedural value and hence, for many non-tech users, it becomes difficult to understand what they are getting into.

The best part about iOS is that there is not much you need to explore. It is just crisp and to the point and just what you need to get going. Android believes in customization and that’s where the trouble begins. The best word to describe the working of an iOS device is effortless ease to reach its endpoint destination while on the contrary, Android can confuse you at times. Google has been working closely to make Android intuitive and easy-going as well; but facts being stated, it is still far far away before it can meet the standard of iOS when it comes to ease and simplicity.

The design is pretty straight forward and it is what is it. We have seen elderly people who find it difficult to get an understanding of Android smartphones, and learn an iPhone in less than an hour, and trust us when we say this, that really takes work to get that level of ease out of such an advanced processing unit. This is just one more reason why iPhone is better than Android.

3. Valid, Timely, And Immediate Updates: iOS Leads The Way!

iOS is pretty responsible when it comes to this. It knows its device and its potential well and understands what it can handle and what it can’t. iOS releases updates when required and if your device is eligible for those updates, you can get a hold of the same on an immediate basis.

The reason older models don’t receive the updates for some of the newer iOS launches is that their devices have not been developed in the way to support the features; that come along with those updates and hence to keep the interface smooth flowing and working; Apple does not release the updates to those devices, which in turn, does not hinder its performance.

On the contrary, there have been several complaints from Android users stating that they do not receive updates on time and don’t receive updates at all. There have also been speculations stating that Google releases these updates only to its own model that is Pixel and sometimes, even they complain of getting updates. So, do you need to hear more about this or are you convinced enough to understand why iPhone is better than Android when it comes to updates?

4. The Apple Family – Sporting A Tight Circle Ecosystem Since Day 1!

So, let’s start counting and listing – iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and Mac computers are tightly integrated with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and other in-house services. You don’t need to go looking over for them all over the place as they have been well configured and placed right under one roof. This my friend is what we call a tight circle ecosystem.

Google has a great integrating service as well but the thing is, it doesn’t connect us well to the Android ecosystem and hence, one can’t relate much to it. Some of these services are not even pre-installed in your device; and you need to go on an App hunt on Play Store and pick the right App.

Apple spares us this hard work as it has its interface straight and set. People who are savvy with the latest technological advancements and upgradation won’t mind this change but the others, who are not so in tune with technology can find it difficult to work through and process and this is where Apple hits the mark and this is why iPhone is better than Android in such situations.

5. Apple Security: So Far, So Good!

We have said this before and we will say it again, It is difficult for Android to beat the security factor of Apple, but yes, we have to mention that this, is just as of now. We all know that it is easier for malware and viruses to penetrate through Android as they operate through open-sourced coding and hence; are more vulnerable to virus attacks and other security-related deceptions.

On the contrary, Apple has been built and developed with advanced software; and technological advancement making it water-tight when it comes to its coding mechanism. This makes it difficult to hack or penetrate through any Apple device, be it Mac or iOS for that matter. Apple takes its privacy and security policies quite seriously and hence, works on sealing any possible loopholes that could derail its reputation.

Although as per the latest news, Google is bringing in newer and tighter updates that claim to fix all the security-related loopholes which fix each and every problem. Now, only time will let us know if Google beats Apple or the equation remains the same way.

6. Apple CarPlay: Your Car’s Best Friend

Starting with the basics, CarPlay is better to look at, better to use, and easy to understand. Having a muscle memory, Apple’s CarPlay becomes the first choice everyone wishes to consider and look at. It is true that Google Assistant does a better job at times and works better than Siri but still, there are so many points that make Apple stand out better.

Talking about Android Auto, it doesn’t have muscle memory and a laid down procedure or method it follows and hence, it depends solely on the algorithm laid out by Google during that period of time which in turn, just increases the scrolling work and takes a lot of time to execute what you initially planned to get done in the first place. This is not the case with Apple and hence, it is always good to pair your iPhone to Apple’s CarPlay and get going with your day with utmost ease and satisfaction.

7. Apple Support: The Best Support You Could Ask For!

It’s true that Apple burns a hole in your pocket, but it would be wrong to admit that it gives its users the quality service they deserve and pay for. Apple gives guaranteed warranty on its devices and also gives out options for insurance claims as well. This is absolutely what any customer would vouch for any day. Apple knows its consumers well and hence keeps growing its marketing strategy in a way that is wholly and solely, customer-oriented.

Right from the look of their Retail outlets to their device designs, everything sets them class apart, and hence, people love Apple as much as they do. On the other hand, Android doesn’t sport that good of a service support or tech- satisfaction for that matter. Whatever said and done, this is why iPhone is better than Android and you, cannot deny this fact at all.

8. Apple’s Resale Value: Highest In The Mobile Market!

Hands down, Apple has the highest resale value in the market. We have never seen any second-hand Android device sell out for prices that Apple’s seconds go out for. It is true, you can buy a new Android device after selling your old Apple device because that’s exactly how much you get for Apple.

This is plainly because Apple has got an upper hand in the market due to its popularity; and although being overpriced; it falls under one of the fastest moving consumer goods to be purchased in the market.

9. Apple is Mac’s Best Friend: Isn’t it?

Apple has created its ecosystem so well that you can actually use your Mac for your iPhone and still be on par with your working schedules. It has always been a customer-centric ad if you own a Mac, it is always advisable to own an iPhone because this duo, absolutely rocks the device performance and overall potential.

10. Once An Apple Lover, Always An Apple Lover!

They say that once you start using Apple, there is no going back. Apple engulfs you into its ecosystem and makes you fall in love with it. Right from its seamless processing unit to crisp and to the point output, Apple has always been the best go-to, once you have made your choice.

We have seen many users who switch to Android after using Apple, state that they switched back to Apple because Android felt too amateur to use after Apple. That’s what Apple’s sophisticated software does to you. You get so used to being with it that Android doesn’t remain your type anymore. That’s what they say, once an Apple lover, always an Apple lover and this is the last reason we write today, stating why iPhone is better than Android.

That’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we liked writing it for you. We by no means are trying to defend any platform and respect each platform equally, but being tech lovers, we need to have an open mind to remove any kind of bias and make judgments based on clear and straightforward facts and testimonials from users and other techies out there. On that note, stay tuned on Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all latest tech news and updates.

Why is iPhone better than Android?

iPhone is better than Android when it comes to excellent performance.

Do iPhones last longer than Android?

iPhones last longer than Android when it comes to the fluid user interfaces over a long span of time.

What is the best phone in 2020?

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone till now.

By Vishal

Meet Vishal Negal, a digital marketer and tech enthusiast with over 8 years of experience. Specializing in creating comprehensive how-to guides, in-depth reviews, and engaging tech-related content.

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