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Why Is It Called Spotify? – Here’s Everything We Know

Why Is It Called Spotify

Generally, misheard a word can bring you trouble but what if it brings popularity and dollars! Thrilling, right. Well, Spotify came up in the same way. Once you will learn why is it called Spotify? You will be able to relate.

Spotify which is now one of the world’s leading music applications has more than 155 million monthly listeners and 155 million monthly active users as of December 2020. Hence, it would be fair to call it a revolution in the music industry. However, the story of origin is said to be not interesting but the fact it was misheard makes it interesting enough to know why is Spotify Called Spotify?

Why Is Spotify Called Spotify?

It was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006 which has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. At present it has establishes offices in 17 different countries across the world.

It was someday in 2006 when Daniel and Martin were calling out catchy names sitting in different rooms. Martin called out for something, which Daniel misheard as ‘Spotify’, and at that moment only, he googled for its existence. Luckily, there was none.

The founders didn’t bother with how bizarre it sounds and registered the domain name. Ultimately, the name ‘Spotify’ brought them fame and a company worth $8 billion.

How Is It Different From Other Music Apps?

Unlike other music applications, it offers various features to its users. You must have tried some of them.

  • You can search for music via album, genre, name of the singer, or song itself.
  • It is easy to connect a Spotify account to Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can listen to its freemium version unless you want to download songs offline and enjoy ad-free listening.
  • It offers a family plan where six accounts can become premium members at a nominal cost.
  • Not to mention, you can create a list of your favorite songs as well.
  • However, you can also earn for featuring new artists and quality music via your list but there is a procedure you need to learn first.


Nevertheless, the story of why is it called Spotify is supposed to be a happy mistake that eventually made it a success. Once Google created history in the world of technology is what this application seems to be in the world of the media service provider. And if you are curious, how Google got its name, then have a look at our article on why Google is called Google?

By Vishal

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