Why Is Simp Banned On Twitch? – Here’s Everything We Know

Why Is Simp Banned On Twitch

Twitch is a platform where users can do live streaming and create content. This is mainly used by video gamers, but others can also use it to upload music videos, live competitions, or any sort of real live streaming.

According to Business Insider, “Twitch streamers ‘broadcast’ their gameplay or activity by sharing their screen with fans and subscribers who can hear and watch them live.” But, the best part is that Twitch has some restrictions based on its usage, which means you cannot show, post, or stream anything that goes beyond their guidelines. And, from here rises a question “Why is Simp banned on Twitch?”

Reasons Why Is Simp Banned On Twitch

You might have heard the word ‘Simp’, haven’t you? This is a very commonly used word nowadays. But have you ever thought is it ok to use it on Twitch? You might not have given a second thought to it because this sounds cool, right? But Twitch has reconsidered its usage. Although the word ‘Simp’ has been banned, there has been a question in everyone’s mind that “Why is Simp banned on Twitch?”

Let me clear the meaning of that word – simp means ‘craving for a girl expressively and desperately’. So, when you are using the word, it might seem like you are harassing someone.

To make the environment of Twitch safer, Twitch had to change some of its policies after years of receiving complaints. To make this part clear, the word ‘simp’ has not been banned from Twitch. Partial usage is allowed, only when you are not judging someone based on their sexual preference and bullying them by calling them a simp. Apart from ‘Simp’, there are other words like ‘Incel’ and ‘Virgin’ that one can use; but not by targeting an individual negatively.

Twitch has been greatly known for not tolerating any kind of harassment against its users and this time too Twitch has well portrayed that the safety of the users is the most important segment for them. Even if there is any minor issue that is going against their guidelines; Twitch will surely keep an eye on it. With the efforts of Twitch in making it a secured platform, Twitch has not disappointed its users.


Many haven’t found it relevant “why Simp is banned on Twitch”. For some, this is still not under the standards of insulting a woman. Even though this is a soft ban; the main aim is to keep harassment out of the streaming platform and this has been a great initiative taken up by Twitch.

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