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Why Windows 10 Sucks? [List Of Top 15 Reasons]

Why Windows 10 Sucks

Paving its way to the computer world in the year of 2015, Windows 10, was supposedly, a promising arrival in the market. The operating system was new and was released as a prominent member of the Windows NT family by none other than its father figure, Microsoft. Talking about one of the most highlighted features, the support for Universal Apps made available through Windows was worth the commendation.

However, over the years, Windows 10 has lost its charm and we have been hearing a lot of complaints around this topic. Many users have stated now that Windows 10 sucks. In this article, we will address why Windows 10 sucks and what has caused this sudden downfall in the Windows lover. So, without any further due, let’s dive right into our top reasons stating why Windows 10 sucks.

Reasons Why Windows 10 Sucks

1. An OS With Bloatware

Before we dive into the proper and technical meaning, let’s understand what is bloatware. So, when you buy a new gadget or mobile, you might notice that it is loaded with many unwanted applications; which you are never to use, but yet, they are pre-installed and eat up quite a deal of space. Later these Apps also eat your battery and hamper your overall device performance. This is the perfect example of Bloatware.

On similar grounds, Windows 10 is also loaded with this unwanted garbage. When you get your hands on this software, normal human expectations are that it will be something that is clean; and just with some basics to start from which can be customized according to our whims and fancies, but Windows 10 fails here terribly. The OS is packed with nonsensical stuff which just takes up space and is of no use to us. These Apps are mostly games, which take up plenty of space and furthermore; hamper the overall performance of your PC or Laptop. This is one major reason, as to why Windows 10 sucks.

2. Lacks Quality Updates  

Talking about the updates around Windows 10, Microsoft has seemed to have taken a step back when it comes to quality. There have been so many complaints and witnesses that prove, that the recent updates are more of a wrecker than a problem solver. Each update brings in a new problem and breaks some features or the other and fixing these damaged parts is a task altogether.

It’s a vicious cycle of things going down and then up and then down again. There are some strange things that happen after these updates. Sometimes, the Bluetooth icon disappears while on the other ends, the taskbar disappears. Mainer times, the screen goes blank and sometimes, the device just doesn’t move an inch to work. It’s funny because this gets sorted on its own just for a new problem to occur.

3. Advertisements, Advertisements & Advertisements

They are everywhere, on the start screen, on your lock screen, on your homepage and everywhere. A basic question that every user asks that why should watch advertisements when we have paid for the damn operating system? Well, we feel your frustration but sadly, it is what it is and this is how Windows 10 functions.

There are ways to stop these Ads, but the main question still remains, why are we seeing them in the first place. Now, if you ask, Why Windows 10 Sucks, you have your answers right here, crisp and clear.

4. Scope Of Improvement In Privacy

As we all know, Windows 10 doesn’t come with the best security and privacy duo and has plenty of scope for improvement. When we talk about Microsoft, it is not very tough and well-packed when it comes to your privacy. As compared to other giants, Microsoft still has a long way to go. With all the latest Huffel puffs regarding security intrusions and privacy concerns, Windows 10 had also been marked upon as a question of distrust as it does not pack the best of privacy packages to offer.

The processes run by default and Windows 10 does not allow you to make any further specific changes in its settings. Moreover, all the data that is gathered by Microsoft is controlled, monitored, and administered through a series of default switches. As a matter of fact, not everyone understands advanced technology that well, and hence, they just live with the consequences. Furthermore, there are many people who will actually not make any efforts to change the settings even after knowing the operations.

5. The HomeGroup Feature Vanished

HomeGroup was one of the best features that came with using Windows 10. With the help of this tool, we could share files in and across devices easily without any hassle and it’s easy to understand interface was also worth the appreciation. But, unfortunately, this service was terminated. Now if you are wondering as to why this thing even happened, the real reason behind this is the promotion of OneDrive.

The best part about HomeGroup was that we could share files with each other using the local networks available in and around us, but after it was removed by Windows 10 and replaced with other tools, many users were actually upset and we understand why. Why Windows 10 sucks is the not question, but why has it become the way it is should be answered in detail now.

6. Settings Panel Vs Control Panel

Microsoft tried to shower its creativity on Windows 10 and make it more user friendly and user-centric. But the fact still remains, all its efforts have almost gone into vain, and rather than fixing and making things easier, they have goofed up basic functionalities and working mechanisms of its operating system. For starters, in order to fix the readability and make it touch perfect so that users can access and get their hands over their devices easily, Windows 10 has been redesigned and redone from many aspects.

Now, more than a boon, this has become a curse as basic functions have been under the target of misconduct. Basic features and tools that are available in the Control Panel are not visible in the Settings Panel and there are a bunch of methods and mechanisms we need to follow to get to our desired destination. Is this what we signed up for? With that being said, we hope you understand why Windows 10 sucks and why Microsoft needs to work on this as soon as possible.

7. The Doorway to Safe Mode is Normal Mode

What is the purpose of having a Safe Mode? To help the computer gain its momentum when it is not working upto its expectations and repair any unwanted complications, as simple as it sounds, getting to this very end is the task. Microsoft has placed the Safe Mode in the Settings Panel out of all the available places on its PC. Yes, the most convenient and easy method to get your hands-on Safe Mode is actually through Settings.

Yes, there are other methods as well where we can interrupt the working of our PC three times in a row in order to get it in Safe Mode, but there is no point here. Alternatively, we can also achieve a safe mode by inserting a backup drive USB and then getting into the lane of action.

8. Different Themes & Visual Elements Is A Dream

We appreciate the presence of virtual desktops on Windows 10 but however, the absence of switching between different themes and having the experience of visual elements is still a dream. It is true that the virtual desktop by itself is a great deal of availability but still, we all wish for an extra bonus and some extra units to manoeuvre around.

If we can customize the way the desktop looks for us, right from placements to its content, the productivity rate increases and so does our personal experience.  Plus, having options cut the monotony and give our eyes a fresh view to choose from which also, improves our working experience. Although, a large number of users have questioned this topic and we hope, that Microsoft gives us a surprise in one of its updates, but till then, it is a disappointment.

9. The Failed Design

Why Windows 10 sucks? Go have a look at its basic design structure. It is very unorganized and has too much clutter for no reason. Adding more to its incompetence, the amount of inconsistency in its user interface speaks for itself. Right from its functionalities to its styling patterns, everything is inconsistent and this, makes it frustrating as well. There is no uniformity in its design and presentation which is an utter disappointment and sucks.

As of now, Microsoft has been working on replacing Metro Design with Fluent Designing patterns. The two designs are different and hence combining the two will not be an easy task to perform. Another problem here is the context menu. As Microsoft sports 4 different content menus, figuring the right one out will be the tricky decision to make.

10. The Navigation Of File Explorer

As you may know, File Explorer allows you to choose the path of its opening and select the desired location as its start point. However, as smooth it sounds, there is a major drawback here. You can only choose between two options, which is This Pc & Quick Access.

It would have been better if Microsoft would have made this feature customizable so that the user can literally choose the desired location they wish to and not just juggle between the two obvious options.

11. Resizing Apps Is Not An Option

The best thing about the Start Menu is that you can resize its size and play around with its tiling options. But there is a demerit in this calling. However hard you try; you cannot resize the list of Apps and that will remain the same. There is no proven method to change any of it and you will have to deal with it as being Windows 10 users, you don’t have much of an option, do you?

12. Cortana

Cortana could have been stunning. Be that as it may, she just comprehends and communicates in a couple of dialects. Regardless of whether Microsoft guaranteed that Cortana would advance and learn new dialects after some time, that didn’t occur as quickly as it ought to have.

It likewise doesn’t imply that the non-bolstered nations ought to have been avoided gaining admittance to Cortana. A superior methodology would have been for Microsoft to make Cortana accessible for anybody on the planet, regardless of whether she talked just English.

13. The Sync Issue Of Start Menu

There was a time when we were able to sync the Start Menu with different devices, but that’s history now. With Windows 10, Microsoft dropped this feature too, making it even more boring and complain worthy.

According to what we think, they could have improvised on that feature and added something new to it, but they decided to remove it anyway.

14. Installation Mess 

When you are new to Windows 10, you will notice a critical mess in terms of scattered Apps and placements. As users, if we look into it closely; many applications have been placed deep inside a rabbit hole, and impossible to figure if it even exists. This can be worked upon and eased out.

15. Ghost Processes

Windows 10 has a history of unwanted processes running and making strange and unaccounted index entries in its system log. This has been the case since forever and till date, no one has been able to configure what is the actual reason behind this weirdness.

When you install an external App, predominantly there has to be a broken piece which tags along with it, and moreover, you have to do it all over again for it to work properly. This is why Windows 10 sucks big time and has tons of problems with its working mechanisms that need to be fixed and taken care of.

That’s all for today. We hope we addressed your issue and added value through this article. On that note, stay tuned on Fixing Point, your One-stop destination for all recent news and tech updates.

How do I speed up my computer Windows 10?

To speed up your computer, close all the applications that are running behind, make sure you have the latest updates for Windows 10, your system should be having enough storage space.

Can I put Windows 10 on an old computer?

Yes, you can run Windows 10 on an old computer.

Why is Windows 10 very slow?

It happens when you have applications that are running in the background.

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