6 Reasons Why YouTube Video Automatically Pauses

Why YouTube Video Automatically Pauses

YouTube has become an inevitable application for almost all smartphone and computer users. This popular video streaming application gained a lot of audiences after its monetization feature that proved to be profitable. This nearly makes everyone excited to start their own channel. But a lot of YouTube viewers complained regarding why YouTube video automatically pauses. Let us dive deep into this issue and discuss some ways to overcome this difficulty.

From toddlers to old-timers, not a day passes without using YouTube to watch their favorite shows or YouTubers. But, if the video gets disrupted for no reason while watching it, this will make its users go all cranky.

Even though YouTube is a high functioning application, it comes with its own small set of glitches. Usually, viewers try their own methods. Such as restarting the video, switching off the mobile phone, or even putting the phone/computer in airplane mode and start all over again to rectify it.

Reasons Why YouTube Video Automatically Pauses

  • First and foremost, signals of the internet connection must be strong enough for smooth viewing.
  • The videos may also pause if the network provider or Wi-Fi connection is undergoing an upgrade. Whenever there is a disruption in the network, YouTube videos stop midway. This is because the loading of the video is not finished completely.
  • Intense buffering also hinders smooth watching of videos, as there might be large files downloading in the background.
  • No ample storage space in phones. This will make your phone working slow.
  • An issue with the browser.
  • Another reason can be a Faulty headphone port.

Quick fixes to tackle the ‘pause’

You can try these methods given below if you facing an issue regarding “why YouTube video automatically pauses”.

1. Strong Signals

Make sure the internet connection is fast enough. If it is slow, cross-check the modem/router, Wi-Fi signal. Calibrating the connection will ensure uninterrupted programs. Re-starting the modem/router is one method. It is also possible to run a speed test to clarify whether the ‘freeze’ is because of the speed of the internet or not.

2. Adjusting the bandwidth

Transmitting a particular amount of information per unit time that a medium can handle, is bandwidth if we put it in simple terms. In this case, the medium is an internet connection. For instance, a larger bandwidth can transmit a larger volume of data at a particular time. Rather than an internet connection with lower bandwidth.

Sometimes streaming a video at a higher quality than what our bandwidth allows can be the issue. Try changing the quality to a lower resolution.

Playback Quality in Youtube
  • Click the Three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose ‘Quality’, and change the selection from ‘Auto’ to a lower one mentioned (i.e 360p, 240p).

Also, make sure that if any large files are downloading at the same time in the background or not. It’s always better to stop all downloads to get better speed while watching the video. This includes updating applications too. Make sure to turn off ‘Auto Update’ to ‘Don’t Auto-Update Apps‘.

  • Go to Google Play Store on the phone.
  • Tap on the Three lines at the top left corner of the screen > Settings > Auto-Update Apps > Don’t Auto-Update Apps.
Turn Off Auto Updates For YouTube

These small changes can definitely make video streaming better.

3. Clear YouTube Cache

The cache is nothing but storing small bits of data away for future use to enhance the experience of using an application. Clearing this will undoubtedly free up some space and is a quick fix to an unresponsive application. There is no need to worry as this will not delete any account information. Follow these steps to clear the YouTube cache:

  • Go to Settings on the phone.
  • Select the Applications > Application Manager > YouTube > Clear Cache.
Clear Cache Of YouTube

4. Free Up More Storage Space

Decluttering and minimalism is magic in this realistic world. It helps a person become calm and work more efficiently. This is also the case with a phone or any gadget. A device is bound to go haywire if there is more information stored on it than it can hold. Just like a person loves to keep his mind free, freeing up some space on your phone can work wonders.

There may be some applications which we must have downloaded for future use, but still have not even looked at it. Try to delete the applications that are not in use. There is always the option to download it again when you need it. For freeing up some space follow the below steps:

  1. Go to phone Settings.
  2. Select Apps and notifications > Apps.
  3. Choose the downloaded application to delete and click Uninstall.

5. Use Different Browsers

As everyone knows, a web browser helps in accessing the information on the World Wide Web. A wide variety of browsers are available like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, and so on.

Not everyone downloads a separate YouTube application, some access it via browsers. If accessing from a computer or laptop, it is definitely through a web browser. In these circumstances, if YouTube videos pause all of a sudden, try to change the browser and access again. The steps below are useful when accessing YouTube through a browser:

  • Downloading another browser.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the browser application currently in use.

6. The Necessary Update

Everyone loves to keep themselves updated with the latest news and information. Who likes to be out of date and left out. The support system of YouTube keeps updating the application to provide a smooth and enhanced experience to its valuable users. Ensure every update is complete. In order to verify:

  • Go to the Google Play store on the phone.
  • Click on the Three lines on the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose My apps and games.
  • The pending updates are present on the front page. If there is any pending for YouTube, click on Update and wait until it gets completed.

After the update, YouTube assures to work faster and without any abrupt pauses.

7. Reinstall YouTube

Starting it from fresh is always a good feeling. Amongst people, it is a sense of rejuvenation and activeness. Like this deleting the application itself and reinstalling is an excellent option. The steps to reinstall the application are;

  • Go to Google Play store > Select My apps and games > Installed > YouTube > Uninstall.

The above procedure will successfully delete YouTube. Now start downloading a fresh copy of the Youtube application from Google Play Store.

8. Faulty Headphone Port

Most of us listen to music or watch videos through a headphone for a better experience. But, The ill-fitting port can trigger the auto-pause function in YouTube.

This can happen either if the headphone is not working well or there is a fault in the headphone jack. Since the headphones are not working well, the system misinterprets this situation. The phone inputs it as removing the headphones over and over, thus it pauses the video.

In the case, it’s better to get it checked by a mobile repair specialist.

It is advisable to try the above-mentioned solutions to fix the issues regarding “why YouTube video automatically pauses“. Only a trial and error method will show which works better. If none of them work, there is always the option to write to YouTube’s support system elaborating the difficulties faced by you.

How can I download the video from YouTube?

To download a video, open YouTube and play the video you want to download. Tap the Download option under the video and select the quality of that video you want to download.

What happens when you clear YouTube cache?

Caches are the unwanted files, if you delete them it will free up some space. It will help the device to run a little smoother.

Is high bandwidth good?

Yes, higher bandwidth help users to upload and download their content faster.